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Indian Springs High School Reviews

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We love this school. Happy to have our kids here. Would not move them back to Arbor View or Cadwallader ever again.
I learn a lot but sometimes the teachers seem underqualified.
We have some diversity but not an overwhelming amount.
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There a few extracurriculars but there could be more.
I do not live in the town so I am not positive how the parents are. Some of them seem good but not all.
Because I attend a small school, my teachers are always willing to help struggling students.
The principal is bound to bend to pressure from students and doesn't handle emergency/disciplinary/investigative situations well at all.The guidance counselor doesn't do much. She distributes pamphlets when they arrive but is forgetful and often doesn't follow through (sometimes with important things). I love the office staff. Bullying is said to not be tolerated, but that's not true. On at least three occasions I have reported bullying (both verbal and physical) and no disciplinary action has ensued. The dress code is not enforced well, unless you're a girl. If you're a boy, they MIGHT enforce the no hats rule, but girls are constantly harassed. I'm sorry my shoulders are sexually distracting for boys??? I'm sorry you think boys can't control themselves and that I'm responsible for their pig thoughts??? Absolutely sexist and disgusting. Attendance is hardly enforced. They say you'll get detention after so many tardies but you almost never do. The administration is truly a joke.
Some sports were significantly more supported than others, even among administration and staff (softball got way more attention than track). However, most of the women's teams are competitive within the league on a regular basis. The men's teams struggle way more, but this last spring (2014) baseball made it to the state championships along with track and softball. Volleyball almost always makes it to the second round of playoffs. Sports are mostly fun, but practices aren't too challenging.
While I appreciated being able to join every club I want, it wasn't academically challenging and it got old seeing the same people every day for 13 years. Nothing was done about bullying, even if it was reported. Athletes are unfairly favored, especially if their alumni parents were athletes too. Also, there is next to no school spirit. No one shows up to extracurricular events. I did make good memories and a couple life long friends though, so I guess that makes it worth it and I'd do it all over again.
I made the decision to attend the University of Nevada, Reno after high school and it's been the best decision I could have made. Everybody is so friendly and I'm making great friends. I'd lived in the same house and gone to the same tiny school (there were 17 students in my graduating class) for 18 years, so it's nice to be in a different place with lots of new faces. I love that I only have 2 classes a day. I'm doing pretty well in my classes (Bs or higher) while still having fun on the weekends. My school didn't really prepare me for the "real world" but I've been doing okay. I took personal finance classes so I'm managing my money pretty well.
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