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Indian Rocks Christian School Reviews

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Full of wonderful opportunities. However, prepare for extremely judgmental staff and students.
I have only talked to 2 or 3 students who say they like this school after my many years here. The food is top notch, though!
Indian Rocks was great because they gave you the opportunity to go on Mission trips. The teachers were all very nice, but some were average when it came to actual teaching.
I very much enjoy Indian Rocks Christian school. The teachers are fantastic, the facilities are clean, and the school provides more extra-curricular activities than most private schools. However, the school does have some issues, particularly in regards to the atmosphere of the student body. A lot of the students come from wealthy backgrounds, and many of them let this fact inflate their ego. The small size of the school also means that it can be harder to find people to fit in with. Overall, however, it is a fantastic school.
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I have gone to Indian Rocks since first grade and have loved the environment and faculty from the beginning.
Both of my children graduated from Indian Rocks Christian School. They have done very well for themselves since leaving the halls of IRCS. IRCS is a well balanced program. Academics are great while teachers are available to help the struggling learner. They have a wide variety of sports allowing students experiences they would not get in public schools. The best part, the teachers love the Lord and want to see their students grow.
The students and staff are very welcoming. Everyone genuinely wants every student to succeed, and it creates a very good learning environment. My parents have been very happy with my education, and my younger siblings also go to IRCS. Seniors leave fully prepared for college, and there are even many opportunities to earn college credit in high school. There are many clubs and activities available and countless ways to get connected. I have always felt safe on campus, even when I was there very late at night at Football games. There are not very strong cliques anywhere, and bullying is almost nonexistent, but when it does arise it is handled well. Many of the facilities are recently renovated or soon to be renovated. The sports equipment is well taken care of. The teachers try to make parents as involved as possible at every grade level, and they generally succeed.
IRCS has made a huge impact on my life by preparing me for college and life skills. The teachers truly care and the feeling you get is that you are a part of a big family. I will always treasure my time at IRCS and would highly recommend it to others.
Band is my favorite after school extracurricular activity. I participate in marching and concert band and play baritone. Choir and band are the most popular of activities. Each Christmas the choir gets to perform at Disney world!
I love my school. I have greatly enjoyed participating in marching band and being on the cross country team. Our cross country team made it to states, so we got to travel all the way to Tallahassee!

This school is unique because of the small classroom sizes. I know almost everyone at my school and it's like a large family here for me.
I love the teachers at my school! They are very friendly and personable. They aim to make students the best version of themselves that they can be.
Campus is well maintained and safe. Security cameras are inside and outside, and there is very good security staff.
Variety of activities to choose from
We LOVE Indian Rocks Christian School!! It's big enough to offer many competitive sports, school musical, praise/worship band, marching band, choir, digital arts, etc. but not so big that it becomes overwhelming. Teachers offer a challenging curriculum, but offer assistance and guidance when needed. Administrators are fair and consistent, kids love them. The campus is clean and safe. Hot lunches are served daily, with other options also available. While academics are certainly important, students spiritual growth is also a priority; achieved through chapel, praise and worship, community service hours, and mission trips (local and out of the country). My kids were fully prepared for college and accepted into every major university in Florida and a few out of state universities as well. IRCS is an awesome school!!
The campus is very secure and safe. There is a very good security staff and the campus has cameras inside and outside.
Many activities to choose from.
The teachers are very caring, and well qualified. Communication is excellent, emails are answered quickly.
The campus is very safe, there is a very good security staff. Buildings are clean and well maintained. Bullying is not tolerated. Cameras are inside and outside all facilities.
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I love Indian Rocks!! the students have a lots of different interests, sports are popular, but so is the praise band, and school musical. Teachers are great, they care about each student. Administration is fair and consistent. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at IRCS, and feel like they have prepared me academically to go on to college.
Our teachers genuinely care about their students. It you're willing to work hard, they will do whatever they can to help. The care about the student's whole life, not just their grades. Some are tougher than others, but that's a good thing, you get used to different teaching styles. Most communicate well, posting lesson plans and homework online, and most answer emails quickly.
its been great for the most part
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