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Teachers put their best effort on helping their students, but it is difficult to socialize and make connections with people around you.
Transferred into the district as a Sophomore. There are always new students to make friends with due to the high influx of military kids from the nearby base. They offered multiple extracurricular activities that were often free to participate in with after school busing available. Academics were exceptional besides not offering AP courses, however, most teachers were always available for help and support whether during or after school. Overall, everyone is there to help a students succeed.
IRHS is a good school, especially when compared to the other schools around the area. That’s mostly due to the large amount of military funding that we get from Fort Drum. Overall, I’ve enjoyed IRHS. I think it’s amazing how good our arts programs are. A the school supports the arts just as much as sports. There’s a huge student involvement when it comes to extracurriculars. We have something for everyone, from football to anime club. However, I wish the guidance counselors were more helpful. I only see my guidance counselor once a year to discuss my future for 15 minutes before they move onto the next student. However, if you really need help or guidance, you can always seek it out. But you have to look for it. They won’t reach out to you first. There’s also a huge bus driver shortage which is leaves us with late buses going to two towns. Sometimes, it take me 2 hours to get home if I stay after school for an extracurricular. But other than that, IRHS is an amazing school.
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I’ve gone to school here for the past four years. During COVID-19, they’ve been very helpful and supportive as well as before that. It’s a great environment to be in.
It's a great high school, their facilities are all great and the teachers are very nice and polite to all students. the school makes sure to accommodate its students needs.
My experience here as been really good. There are a lot of different classes to choose from and everyone is nice. There are a lot of opportunities for extra help if you aren't understanding something.
I like IRHS, I am very advanced in Math, and they only go up to calculus 1. overall they lack in a strong STEM system. Their sports, art and music is extremely good!!
Personally, coming all the way from Hawaii to New York into this schooling system it was a huge change. The students and staff were very welcoming and already had people ready to show me around. The teacher's play a very active role in our education, by always checking to make sure we maintain our grades. They push us to make sure we have everything aligned to apply for colleges or whatever we would like to do after high school.
Indian river high school has a large amount of kids from the military base near by, so the students are very diverse. The students make it easy for new students to find their way around the school, which is very nice.
Indian River is not a bad school to attend, especially for the Upstate area. Although the surrounding schools and areas are on the poor side, Indian River has very good funding thanks to the large military base nearby. The principal, Troy Decker, is a beyond amazing educator who cares about each student personally. This is a great high school for people of any interest; there is an incredibly strong theater program and an equally strong athletic counterpart. For the most part, the faculty is great.
Everyone is very welcoming to military families, which is good since most of the kids in the school are in fact military. The school is very clean most of the time, and the faculty members make themselves known throughout the school. They do their best to make your opportunities known to you, and attempt to give everyone a chance to take academically challenging classes. Many kids seem to be invested in sports and other extracurricular activities, and these activities have been represented pretty well. Overall, I am satisfied with the school, and I hope to take advantage of their opportunities.
Indian River High School, part of the Indian River Central School District, is easily the best high school in Jefferson County; it has the best music programs, a great selection of sports to play, one of the largest class sizes around, and very good facilities.
I started at Indian River my junior year. The people are very accepting and bullying isnt a huge problem at this school. The classes are average and easily passable if you put the work in.
There is a welcoming environment for new students. There is plenty to do in terms of clubs, activities, and sports. There are many classes to choose from, including college classes, and the teachers are reasonable and kind (at least my teachers are).
I have had a very positive experience at Indian River. There are so many opportunities to connect with other and meet other students; wither it's at one of the many clubs offered, through the music program, or even in the theater there is a place for everyone. Academically the school offers free tutoring from other students, and most teachers regularly stay after to assist any students wanting help. The only thing about Indian River that I can complain about would be the food, I would suggest you pack your lunch.
The school has a great atmosphere and the teachers are here to help you if you have a problem,the guidance councilor help you the most with getting ready for college as you have a senior meeting and they tell you what you need to take such as classes and hlye much points you still need to graduate.
Indian River High School is a very lovely school. The staff tries their hardest to make sure you feel welcomed and at home. There are a lot of clubs that you can join and the sports are a benefit too! :)
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I love how many classes are offered at this high school. It is located near a military base so there is diversity and everyone is so nice and expecting.
I would not choose to go to this school again because i strongly disliked my peers and I didnt feel like the faculty treated us as if we were about to go into the real world.
Atheletes are given special treatment by teachers and other staff members.
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