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Indian River High in Chesapeake Virginia is a great school with great teachers. Very diverse and safe.
My experience with Indian River Highschool hasn’t been the best , but it also hasn’t been the worst. The academic aspect is great for me and is still getting better ; I feel as if I’m getting the best education. Student life , on the other hand , isn’t the best. There’s plenty of drama for everyone.
It’s so good. Very diverse. All types of people. Wish SCA did a little more. Not the best but not the worst Best kept secret in the district. Y’all sleep on Indian River
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I have attend Indian River Highschool for four years , I would say I've had an overall good experience . There are a few things i like about this school and there are a few things that could be different. Indian River Highschool shows appreciation to the students who play sports , the faculty makes sure all students understand the criteria, and this school gives off a safe environment . In addition, I would say the lunch food could be better , teachers could learn different ways to help students who are confused understand the schoolwork, and the clubs could get more appreciation and attention so that students would want to join. I would reccomend parents to allow there children to experience being a Brave .
Honestly, I have had fun so far at Indian River. Of course there were times when I disliked the school, but overall I experienced pleasant things and was able to make great memories. If one was to ask me whether or not I believe going to Indian River is a good choice, I would wholeheartedly tell him or her that it is.
I love being a brave!!!! The teachers are always making sure you are on track...they make school interesting for me.
Indian River is a very diverse school that has an overall friendly environment. But like all schools, there can be improvements. The main issue is that many of the upcoming graduating class do not feel that we are properly prepared to go to college, let alone pick a college. My school has made efforts to help us prepare for a prosperous financial future, but that can only go so far when one is stressed about colleges and everything that comes with them. Our guidance counselors do try their best to help us, but there is only so much they can do with the resources they have.
I wish there was a bit more focus on college readiness. The teachers are great as well as administration. The lady at the attendance desk is really slow and holds up parents and students alike. The school is on top of the safety of the kids with all the school shootings that have been happening around the country. Overall I enjoyed my child's 4 years there and I wish they would have lasted a bit longer
I enjoyed my time here, it was a great learning experience as a high school student and I got to meet many amazing teachers. I joined the tennis team and made many long lasting friends. The teachers were the ones who helped us and guided us to the right path.
I loved the amount of clubs there were to be involved in. I loved how involved my guidance counselor and access advisor were in preparing me for college. I couldn’t have done it without them. The only thing I would change is the food in the cafeteria.
Indian River is a great school, newly remodeled, all on one floor. I was blessed with wonderful teachers that took a personal interest in me and my interests. They encouraged me to do my best and were always there if additional help was needed. I would recommend this school to others and the teachers too. The Principal was new to my school in my Freshman year. She has implemented academic awards program that started last year. It almost doubled this year, both in attendance parents and students and in students qualifying.
I am a 2017 graduate of Indian River. The teachers I had were all caring and hardworking and worked with the students to help them best understand the material taught. Indian River offered a variety of AP courses to help students prepare for college. The athletics department has done well these past few years and continues to grow better. The school is really diverse and offers many clubs and after school extracurricular activities to help students engage with their outside community.
High school was an amazing experience for me. The sports and clubs at Indian River allowed me to communicate with other students.
The things I liked about Indian River High School are pretty straight forward. From the very spirited pep rallies to the great performances of the music department, either way it was a good time. I myself participated in several sports and clubs from Wrestling, Track and Field, Football, Chess Club, Theater club, and DECA. While there I networked and still keep up with many of my old classmates. If I had to pick my most memorable moment in High School it would have to be when I won the 1st Annual Indian River Talent Showcase, by singing John Legends "All of me".
Since I’ve first attended irh they have treated us like middle schoolers. Most high schools in our area allow their students to have their phones out between classes or during lunch but not IRH. Also every high school in Chesapeake is released at 3:30 but of course IRH keeps their students until 3:43. Not only that but the counselors are not helpful at all. They are rude and waste your time. The coaches for athletics aren’t any better either. They favor the best players and not the adverage player who works their butt of. The bathrooms are disgusting. Sometimes they don’t have toilet paper and the lock on the doors are broken. Also they have mega safety hazards in the school. To keep the students from wandering around during lunch they put up these gates. Sometimes when the bell rings they take 2 minutes to show up and put them away. I’ve even had friends who said one of the metal parts fell on them.
Things that I liked about Indian River was the environment. It was a safe place to go and get your education. The staff was respectful and also cared about our education. Throughout the year we had Muffin Monday's, Tropical Smoothie Tuesday's, Chic-fil-a Thursday's and Riverbuck Friday's.
Indian river high school has an amazing teaching staff compared to my old school. The teachers actually care about you and care if you’re learning the material or not , the don’t just brush you aside. They love their job and don’t just do it for the money. The cell phone policy in the lunch could be a little different, I feel like lunch time is a chance for kids to relax and take it easy.
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My experience at IRHS has been very good, though I would like to see the dual ended treatment if students change so that the student body may feel like the young adults the stellar education at IRHS is preparing them to be.
I like the school in gerenal. Unfortunately I find the school unfair and bias. I believe ever students should try to take part in a sport or club. However, all you have to do is know the people and your in. It’s very unfair for the new comers.
Going into Indian River i was very nervous. I had heard that the school was "ghetto", run-down, non-inclusive, and just overall a bad place. I am now a senior, having been a student of indian river for all four years, and I am proud to say that everything I had heard was wrong. I cannot imagine what my high school career would have been like if I went anywhere else. Indian River is one of the most diverse, inclusive schools I have ever attended. I have visited many schools in Virginia and Indian River is by far my favorite.
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