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I transferred to IRCHS in sophomore year and liked it enough to stay. The art programs have introduced me to many opportunities. I also have gotten more involved in the community due to my enrollment at IRCHS.
My experience at Indian River Charter High School has been great. The whole school is surrounded by the arts. We always have some type of play, performance, or show going on. Charter has been great for me because I am an artist and we have great art programs. They always find ways for you to be involved in big shows, no matter what art you're interested in. The school is very big on helping each other out and being a community, and I'd say for being a high school, we are very high up on the maturity level. Everyone has their own job and we have required classes to help us on our way into the real world. I highly recommend any student that is interested in arts to come to Charter because it's a great school where they would definitely fit in.
I love having a homebase, it’s something most schools don’t have and it’s been a great experience. I’ve grown to love the people in my homebase and they’re like family to me, I don’t think I would have grown as much without them.
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This school is a very nice school. Most of the teachers are really nice and the students in the homebases really support each other
Indian River Charter High School has been a very beneficial school to me. I have gained much experience from the teachers here, as well as the coursework. I have been fortunate to take dual enrollment classes here and one of the campuses is directly next to my school, so it was very easy to go and come from high school classes to college classes. I have met many great people here, students, teachers, other faculty, and even guest speakers. All of these people have truly impacted my life, even in small ways. The teachers here genuinely care for your future and will help in anyway possible and the students are like no other group of individuals I have been exposed to. I would not trade my time here for any other high school and I strongly believe my school has prepared me as much as possible for college.
It was very diverse. Everyone is cool with everybody, the teachers are somewhat laid back. The academics are wonderful.
While attending Indian River Charter High School, it has taught me so much over the past four years. During my time here, I have boosted my confidence, gained leadership skills, and learned the benefits of volunteering in the community. This school stands out from other schools in our county because it is the only A high school in the district and in addition to these features, the teachers are involved in the lives of their students. After all my years in school, I have never attended a school that was as incredible as Indian River Charter High School and I strongly recommend this school to anyone who lives in the district.
I am a senior at IRCHS, and I have had an extremely pleasant experience with the curriculum, teachers, and students. At IRCHS, students are placed in homebases which consist of approximately twenty-five students who spend all four years of high school together and have the same homebase teacher who guides them through their whole high school experience. Homebases allow students to feel that they have a supportive on-campus family to share their experiences with and help them grow. Students also have many responsibilities that students at other schools do not have, such as weekly chores, government meetings, volunteer hours, and cultural events which help students mature into well-rounded adults. Overall, the faculty and the curriculum at IRCHS foster a positive learning environment for students that encourages their personal development and prepares them for post-secondary education.
A a current senior of Charter high school in Indian River County, I love the flexibility and broad options of types of classes you can take at this school. The teachers care about your grades and try to help those who are lacking behind, same with the other students hear, very positive environment. The college readiness classes which is mandatory to take, are very good with helping students find colleges, and what they want to do in college and major in etc.. Also helping with financial aid to help those who can not pay for college.
Indian River Charter High School is an excellent place to go to school. The school values people, and not just academic. Students are taught important life lessons, along with how to care for others and be respectful. The lessons taught at Indian River Charter High School will last through a lifetime.
I loved Charter! I made so many memories and met so many close friends that I still keep in contact with even years after graduating. The teachers there are so helpful and set you up for success while transitioning into college or whatever path of life you choose. I've always felt safe and had a blast! Charter was such a great place where I got to try new skills and enhance others.
While IRCHS didn't receive equal funding from the Indian River School Board during a majority of my time there, their academics and their Visual and Performing Arts program remained the best in the district. While I attended, I was given a very individualized education, in part because my homebase (a class of the same ~20 students that persists throughout all four years), and I was wonderfully prepared for college by the career and senior seminar classes. Now with more money available, the school can improve by further expanding its already great AP and VAPA programs and by increasing opportunities for students.
- Class of 2018 Alumnus
The teachers at Charter care about each and every individual student. All the teachers strive to help their students do whatever is needed for them to be successful. All of the staff is friendly and know the students by name. Individuality is encouraged from the students and is welcomed.
Indian River Charter High School is a wonderful high school. I am proud to say that I got to attend IRCHS. The faculty are amazing and truly care about the students. The teachers put in a lot of hard work even after school hours which shows just how dedicated they are to the students and the school. IRCHS is also a Visual and Performing Arts school and the students work hard to put on shows for the community. All that this school does is truly amazing.
The school is kind of strict on the rules, which is good and bad. They weed out the kids who don't want to be at the school but their attendance policy is difficult to maintain for many people. When children are sick; many come to school afraid to be on attendance contract. Overall though the school gives a lot of resources such as access to computers and a college readiness class. The teachers are usually pretty helpful and willing to work with different learning styles. The school gives breaks and ample opportunities for dual enrollment. The students are really nice and mostly really dedicated to their grades. The teachers honestly care about you and want you to succeed. We host many fun and interesting events from movie nights to plays and concerts. We do not have many sports only classes with many sports, or golf. The school also host many exchange students and it's pretty cool to befriend them and see different cultures.
At charter, the experience you get is unlike the experiences you have at regular high schools. I was a student Freshman through Senior year and I can tell you. This school was my best choice. This school gave me many opportunities I would never have at the regular high school. I went to Germany, Hungary, Poland and New York and even China. These experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. The teachers are very observant and try their best to help keep kids engaged and on top of assignments. They also notice if students are having issues and will check up on them. There is amazing support at this school for anyone who is having issues. I had horrible anxiety and did not tell anyone. A teacher noticed the signs and got me help. I have never had so many teachers that care so much for the student's well being.
I love the freedom and opportunities they offer at IRCHS. It is a culturally diverse and accepting place where anyone and everyone can be comfortable with themselves and with the people around them. Something I would change at this school is that they are focused around the performing arts so there are no sports clubs or activities at the school. They should invest in other areas other than the performing and visual arts to appeal to more students.
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I like the judge free vibe you get from Charter. You don't have cliques or "popularity" contests here, you truly get to be yourself. One thing I would change is the "doctors note only" policy where your absence is not excused unless you have a doctors note.
The academic standard that students are held to is below bare minimum. The motivation among students to do anything but cheat their way into passing drug tests is absolute zero. This school does not prepare anyone for life. If you like theatre, it may be worth it to attend as long as you're okay with graduating as an absolute idiot. The classes are really just teaching to the absolute lowest common denominator, which is incredibly low. UF is basically considered an Ivy at this school and that legitimately blows my mind. I was literally discouraged from applying to colleges of a high level because all anyone knows is FAU, FGCU, IRSC, and other absolute bottom of the dump tier schools. Music program is incredibly beginner with no upwards growth, dance program is mediocre at best, theatre is good but what is the point if the rest of your education means absolutely nothing. Overall, 0/10 would not recommend to anyone thanks
Indian River Charter High School is very diverse from any other school. It has an amazing performing arts, jazz, and art programs. The teachers and students easily create relationships resulting in better academic performances. What sets Charter apart from everyone else are the students. Students are honest and are always looking to better themselves and others. Overall if I had to go back and decide which high school I would attend, I would always choose Charter.
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