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Indian Ridge Middle School Reviews

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Es una escuela muy completa, la verdad que fue mi primer año estudiando acá en Estados Unidos y se me complicó mucho; ya que no entendía el lenguaje y no tuve la ayuda debida
In my opinion, this school was pretty good. Most of the teachers treat the students fairly. Some even go to the extent of helping students that need help with the subject during lunch or after school. The clubs and activities improved, but there can definitely be more. What I really hope can change is how open the school is to parents. The assistant principals are very closed off, and seem to dislike interacting with students. Once that communication barrier breaks, the school would be ten times better.
friends were there with me
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need better coaches and facilities
too many students get wrapped in what you have
she's ok not super friendly
the health and safety is average.
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