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My school is a great school. The best thing in my school is about teachers. All of the teachers are show passion and patience in teaching. I learn a lot education in my school.
I like Indian Land High School because they provide a quality education. However, bullying can be an issue and even harassment. As a sixteen-year-old girl, I have to constantly be on the lookout in all public areas, even school. Luckily the security here does his job as well as the principal and always help students when they have problems.
Majority of my teachers seemed lazy and uninspired, but some of them truly cared about their students. My school honestly had no spirit and the hallways always seemed. That being said, Indian Land was always my home and I do love going to school here.
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while at Indian Land High School I personally remained focused on my acedemic studies and had great teachers that would encourage me to succeed. The school has a variety of sports, and have won many trophies and title championship.
This school is a very small school, but it is growing every year. Being that Indian land is so small, it gives everyone to have a better relationship with the students and staff.
My experience at Indian Land was an enjoyable one. As I have went to elementary, middle, and high school there I have made many enjoyable memories and have learned a lot that will help me in college and the real world. The teachers care about their students and want them to succeed and will help them with weekly tutoring sessions to do so. The teachers also understand the subject they are teaching and want to make sure all the students understand the same as they do. They are many classes that I have taken that taught me materials that no one else could. My experience was amazing and I will never forget my time at Indian Land. The only thing I would change about Indian Land High School is that it is becoming overcrowded, but do to a new high shool being built now the problem of overcrowded classrooms will soon change.
Overall, good experience. More options for classes would be/would've been nice, but classes they did have are taught fairly well. Diversity underrated here, school is definitely majority white, but there is definitely a fair mix. Teachers help get good grades throughout high school, but only handful help prepare for college. There are a few clubs at the school that are handled well, but there need to be a lot more and more communication about how to join or apply. Safe overall, but concerned to a point of minor inconvenience. Culture is okay, not a huge emphasis. Administration can be irrational and poorly organized sometimes, but nothing too major. Sports are poorly funded and rarely are successful. I bring my lunch, but food is definitely scraping the bottom of the standards. Resources are there, but rarely ever available to help. Facilities do their job, nothing to complain about nor praise. Parents are rarely involved overall. Good school.
A big problem that I encountered was how differently the arts programs were treated from the athletic programs.
The school is good academically, it's just very small and crowded. It's not big enough to support the growing population of the surrounding area. It's definitely not a bad school, but there are many better ones in the surrounding districts.
Indian Land High School tries its hardest to help its student academically, athletically, and socially. My school works on each student to help their specific needs. Indian Land High gives a diverse set of classes from social studies like journalism, psychology, and sociology, to hands-on classes like automechanics, construction, or agricultural studies. Indian Land High makes the school a safe place for all students. If you asked students if they liked being at Indian Land High you'd hear a lot of yes's. Indian Land High School isn't just a school, it's a family that cares for all of it's members.
Indian Land High School exceeded my expectations academic-wise. There are many honors and AP classes offered here, which many students sign up for. The curriculum is rigorous in all classes, and counselors are highly knowledgeable and will gladly answer any questions a student has to the best of their ability. However, I think Indian Land is a cheap school. They do not spend much money on providing students with certain handy materials like quality paint for Art class or updated calculators for Math class, etc. Nonetheless, the cafeteria food is pretty good and the environment is safe. Also, there is a club for almost anything here! From art club to languages to LGBTQ club, there will definitely be a club for everyone to fit into. There is not much diversity, which sucks.
Counselors and Teachers willing to work with you if you make an effort and work hard. Facilities are fairly new , just some overcrowding work growth of the area. Good education but still not as strong as top schools in area like Fort Mill.
The staff is generally amazing! Clean, safe school in a great little town. Teachers and students care about people, parents, staff, education, and the school grounds.
Indian Land High School is a small, tight-knit school in the town of Indian Land. Being such a tight-knit school is both a positive a negative. The majority of the student population know each other for years which means that pretty much everyone is close and united. But this might be a obstacle for new students as they might feel a bit left out if they're not very sociable. Other than that most students are very friendly and accepting of incoming students. For the most part, all the teachers are very kind and will try their best to help you with what you need. Overall the school is pretty good.
Indian Land High School is a very hands on school. All teachers, assistant principles and counselors are very attentive. This high school is so caring and such a family friendly environment. I am a senior in this high school and its been the best years of my life.
The school itself is okay the counselors are nice. It's the students that make the school bad. The whole atmosphere of the school is very depressing and no one has school pride. Majority of the people there if they could would leave to go to another school. The teachers are overall pretty nice but there's a couple of rotten apples in the bunch. The bus drivers don't care what happens on the bus. The bus drivers are horrible drivers and the buses are overcrowded to the point where you are falling out of the seat. Bullying happens within the students. Overall I wouldn't recommend coming here
Great environment, counselors prepare you for future, and well organized. The school continues to grow, so the hallways are a little crowded, but that issue is being resolved.
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I have gone to Indian Land schools my whole life. I have seen it change throughout the years. Seeing people come and go at my school has made me appreciate my school. The teachers are amazing and friendly. And the environment is just overall awesome. I highly recommend Indian Land High School.
I like the teaching staff and the amazing classes at Indian land high. The school provides students with the right tools and resources to move graduate high school and move on to college.
I liked that there were many class options available. I did not like that the overall environment of the school because it was always dirty and the ceilings actually had mold in them. The kitchens were unsanitary. I saw on multiple occasions rats and cockroaches near the area.
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