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I would like to see better meals prepped for the students. The teachers are willing to work with students
I had excellent councilors and teachers to guide me in the right direction in finding my passion. They all helped me with my goals. I want to see an improvement in the safety of the school.
I’ve gone to Indian lake since kindergarten and I have never had a problem with it! I feel safe, the high school lunches are pretty good, and I feel the teachers all do their very best and they do an excellent job. If you’re getting a bad grade it’s because you’re not trying hard enough or you’re too busy to get your work done and study!
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Indian Lake has been a great place to attend throughout my schooling career. The community is very supportive and it is very easy to get involved in many different activities through the school.
I like the majority of the teachers, because they encourage and give valuable lessons on life and the future. They also have helped me through rough times. One thing I think they should improve up is giving the kids in the school a better way to connect with each other and find new friends.
What I like about Indian Lake High School is how important sports are in the district. Everyone in the community comes out to support the kids and the school promotes the sports in a positive way as well. What I would like to see change about Indian Lake is the favoritism among the sports. Every year, football gets new equipment and jerseys because everyone loves football. Meanwhile, a lot of the women's sports don't get to have that opportunity because the community doesn't come out to support them as much as they do for men's sports.
The classes that we do have are informative. Not a lot of different classes offered outside of the standard curriculum.
Key Club- fun and popular, Ag, SADD, FCCLA, Business professionals, sports-fun, FFA
I love the small town environment. Everyone knows everyone by name.
Most of the teachers really care and try to help the students get the most out of their education.
The teachers at my school do a good job at providing an area where students can learn and do well as long as they apply themselves. Many of the teacher go above the norm when it comes to students who don't apply themselves as well by attempting to motivate said students to work harder.
I wouldn't say much is currently flawed with the safety of Indian Lake. We regularly practice safety drills. Teachers are identified. All points of entry are locked during the day. Visitors have to be buzzed in and sign in at the office. Visitors have to wear identification. Overall, very safe. However, I've had a teacher say they would be a proponent for teachers having guns for safety in schools. If this were the case, I'm sure the school would feel about ten times more unsafe.
There are many quality extracurriculars, but it's mostly the same people. Those who are in a sport and/or music activity are also those in academic clubs. We have NHS, SADD, Key Club, Science Club, Spanish Club, FCCLA, Art Club, FFA, Student Council, and Class Officers. The generic clubs at every school. What I'd like to see is the return of a Drama Club, and the addition of a Feminist/LGBTQIA+ Club, Debate team, and maybe a government club. There are the normal sports, and a few performance groups. Some clubs are more worthwhile than others, and all cost money. And for some people, $15 is kind of a lot of money.
While I've enjoyed my time at Indian Lake, I'm not absolutely certain I would want to do it again. Eighteen years is long enough in rural Ohio. On another note, the parents at this school aren't the best. I find that many of my friends are living exactly how their parents want them to. Many of my friends only apply to the schools their parents want them to, and only join activities their parents want. This doesn't encourage future decision making as an adult. Also, the community is overwhelmingly more supportive of our (relatively weak) athletic program, rather than our (relatively strong) music program. The parents involved with the music program are, in general, wonderful.
Overall, the teaching staff is fantastic. Many of the teachers are knowledgable in their subjects. Many are available before and after school, and are always available by email. Most try to understand the students and help them in any way they possibly can. That being said, many of the teachers feel it necessary to incorporate opinion into their class curriculum -- many opinions that are not factually correct. They are willing to listen to debate, but they don't take the time to research whether their opinions are factually backed up, or if they are teaching from Fox News.
I believe the faculty try very hard to make the school a great place for kids to come in general. Some teachers are better than others, but most genuinely do care. I believe there is a lot of favoritism among certain families for grades and other awards which really disappoints me.
Football season is a huge part of every year and the school spirit really shows.
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We do good work and the teachers are great, there are mostly issues with the students themselves not the facility or learning enviornment.
Favorite experiences are being involved in the great music program and sports. This school is unique because our school actually cares about the music program. I would not choose this school again because of the students. They are not so pleasant.
I would choose Indian Lake High School again, the teachers care so much about the students and they get along with

everyone. I feel that I got a great education there and a great musical education, and also a great variety of elective

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