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Indian Hill High School is best school ever! I came here at 2015 and I was new to the America. I knew nothing about this country and about the people, but students in Indian Hill High School made me feel that this was my second home in the America. The teachers helped me a lot not only in the classes, but also out of classes. I had never received discrimination from any student or teacher, they were been patient and nice. I love the school.
My experience at Indian Hills wasn't great - as a student with health issues, I had to fight for the school to work with me and help find solutions. The teachers and academics were fine, but the administration was hard to work with and unwilling to be flexible, both with me personally and as a whole.
Indian Hills has people with all different points of view on hundreds of different topics. Socio-economic classes were mixed to a degree and it gave the chance to talk and debate issues in return. The staff and teachers relate and become your greatest resource by teaching lessons that apply beyond just a high school classroom. There's always room for improvement, and the area that Indian Hills is lacking is a direct connection to the superintendents and faculty who run the school. In many cases of discomfort, teachers even aren't allowed to solve the situation and it leaves little room for the students to make a change on a high level, such as the lack of contracts given to teachers. However, this doesn't take away the fact that Indian Hills is made up of an amazing student body that will always accept each other, but the miscommunication between administration and others can be an annoying inconvenience.
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High school was a generally hard time for me, as it is for most people. While this school does well with education and extracurriculars, it lacks in providing students the attention they need. My mental health was in a poor state throughout the entirety of high school, and not only did I not have anybody to confide in, but I was also looked down upon by many peers and the faculty. Some of the faculty has a difficult time understanding how mental illness is in fact real and they feed their negative opinions onto the students.
I really liked going to Indian Hills. The teachers are friendly, and the faculty is helpful. Some teachers can make a really big difference I think, and we have those teachers. I rated it 4 out of 5, and not a perfect score, because I hate the people in my grade.
The staff at Indian Hills is amazing. Over the past few years, I have connected with so many teachers and they have made it an amazing experience!
I am a senior at Indian Hills High School and it is pretty crazy to think in 3 months I will be graduating from the place I've spent my life for the past 4 years. Indian Hills is a great school with teachers always trying to lend a hand. The friends I have made at this school I also think will be some friends I have in the future and my children will be calling them aunt and uncle
I felt very comfortable attending this school because of the inclusive environment among the students and staff. Indian Hills has very good science teachers, which was a deciding factor for me when choosing this school.
Indian Hills is a great place with so many teachers who are super passionate about their jobs. A very family-like feeling at hills. Everyone knows each other and everyone's friends.
My experience at Indian Hills High School happens to be a superb four years! I have made many friends, learned valuable things, and have been successfully prepared for college.
IHHS is better that RHS, always. Great and caring teachers, mindless and vapid board of education, and rich white students. I like it but wish there was a more diverse choice of classes to choose from. Also, IHHS doesn't offer that many AP classes.
My experience at Indian Hills High School was overall very positive. I never had any issues with my classmates and most people all get along. There are some really good teachers who not only care about their job but also their students. For the most part, the teachers actually teach you but there are a few that really do not know what they're talking about. Otherwise, Hills school spirit was always amazing and even if the football team didn't win any games there was always a big crowd. Overall, Indian Hills wasn't that bad and as long as you focus on yourself you'll successfully make it out.
Indian Hills provides a friendly environment for kids to learn, prepare for college, and ultimately have a good time. The teachers are generally quite young, which means they have an easy time relating to their students. The workload is light for CP and CPE classes, but Honors and AP classes prove to some to be very challenging, but certainly worth the effort. There is definitely a sense of community among the students and teachers at Indian Hills, with a minimal amount of conflict. The guidance department as well as the staff in the main office are always ready and available to answer questions that anyone may have from student parking to college decisions.
The sports teams and clubs were amazing along with something if the staff but other made it much harder to learn or enjoy brig at school
I have overall enjoyed my experience thus far as a freshman at Indian Hills High School. Though my classmates can occasionally become intolerable due to teenagers' lack of respect for authority, and few certain teachers give incredibly difficult work well above the intended level, the immense school spirit displayed and diversity of academic courses by level and subject at the school make up for it.
I truly have loved my 4 years at Indian Hills. I grew up with most of the people in my grade, so getting to grow closer to them at school has been a fun experience. The teachers at Indian Hills are always available for help which has allowed me to develop unparalleled relationships with them.
In my school district, students from three towns get to choose between two high schools to attend. I chose my high school because I liked the paintings on the walls but after experiencing my four years here, I am very happy with my initial decision. The teachers are kind and understanding, and the three towns merging together has resulted in the creation of new friendships with people I love having in my life. Some of my classes have been very stressful with a lot of work, and our high school is not the best at sports despite the immense school spirit, but I have overall enjoyed my years here.
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While I did not have many friend in high school I had a lot of support from my teachers. I had suffered from depression and anxiety in high school and had a few teachers who looked out for me. While looking back however, I do not feel I was actually prepared for the real world or for college. I never learned about taxes or how to apply for loans. The teachers taught things that were not really needed. I feel that about most non college schools. The focus is to pass tests, not actually absorb information that can help young students succeed in the real world.
Indian Hills High School was the best experience I would get. The teacher here are dedicated to make students pass and have good grades. The students are mostly friendly and doesn't really have much drama. Even though some of our sport teams are not the best the academics are is what Indian Hills is mostly known more.
My experience at Indian Hills has been amazing. The children are so genuine and friendly. Everyone has a smile on their face in the halls and is willing to help each other. I love the spirit our school has and the fan section at all the sporting events. I also really enjoy the teacher’s passion to help the students succeed. The activities at Indian Hills are so much fun. For example there is spirit week and everyone dresses up and coffee house were the students preform their musical talents. Also I love powder puff, which is girl’s football, the supporters come and watch and it is a great night. My school is amazing.
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