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The nurse is pretty helpful but sometimes they just send you home for no reason.
I participate in the drama club at school and it's really fun and a great family. A lot of clubs are successful in creating a safe and fun environment for after school activities.
I've had a good time at this school. It's not perfect, but I've met so many amazing people here and have had great experiences. There are some issues with the administration but overall it was a great high school experience.
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There are so many different teachers it is difficult to group them all together. I have had amazing teachers and I have had terrible teachers, however it seems that specifically the science department is lacking in high quality teachers. I've heard most students complain about having inadequate teachers in the sciences, and very rarely do people compliment teachers from this department. The AP Biology class has a class average of a 60 most of the marking period, and almost all of them are straight-A students, only able to get their grade up to barely a B by the end of the marking period. They are difficult to communicate with and often have inconsistencies in grading.
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