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Indian Hill is an amazing school. The high school’s objective is to help you learn and prepare for college, so all of its activities and classes reflect that. They offer 27 AP courses and are always trying to improve the way they teach. However, the students there can have a bit of a high and mighty attitude. Indian Hill is such a good district because there’s a lot of funding, which means the rich students can bring somewhat of a negative atmosphere. Still, for the most part, the students are wonderful, the staff is friendly, and it’s a great place to go to high school.
The food can be a little pricey or just not worth the price they sell it at. The teachers are nice and they try to get you the grade that you both want. Diversity could definitely do a better job.
I personally went to that school. I didn't like the students nor did I think they did a good job with learning disabilities.
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The Academics at the school are incredible and the student body is incredibly kind and respesctful. However, the school lacks strongly in diversity.
I entered the Indian Hill School District as a Freshman, knowing nearly no one, and I've never found it to be anything but incredibly welcoming. Of course, the academics are also incredible and have done fantastic work to prepare me for college and my future.
I am so thankful that I grew up in Indian Hill and had all the opportunities that Indian Hill High School had to offer me. Although the diversity was lacking, I feel infinitely more prepared for college than many of my friends from other schools. Would recommend this school district to anyone.
I liked how well developed the school system is here. However, I feel that the diversity is not very broad since the majority of the students here are of the same race.
Multiple opportunities for students to get involved. Getting involved makes it great and fun. Challenging courses are offered in almost any subject. The teachers are friendly and help students who are struggling during or after school.
Indian Hill High School is a school that is one of the elite schools in the state with regards to education. This excellence can be seen in everything the school does. Whether it be the athletics, the arts, the nationally ranked Mock Trial team, or any other extracurricular programs offered at Indian Hill, excellence is a characteristic that can be found in all that Indian Hill does.
Indian Hill High School overall is a good school the curriculum was great for preparing students for college but the food like every school was below par.
My experience at Indian Hill definitely had some roller coaster feelings. I loved the mentality of striving to be excellent. I also loved the politeness the school brings. One change I would like to see from Indian Hill would probably be the flexibility when it comes to people experiencing personal issues.
Indian hills is overall a very good school, but there could be minor changes that would benefit the school a lot. If the school got a new science department overall, it would be very good for the students. The school has a very good english, math, and history department, but the science department is what needs the changing.
I was truly prepared for college after attending IH.
Of course every teacher will not be as great, but most teachers truly care about students and will gladly give up time before or after school to answer questions or help a struggling student.
Not a very diverse town and as a result, the school is the same way. There are people of different religions, sexual orientations, and races.
We get taught everything we need to know to do well
I have never felt unsafe. I feel safer at Indian Hill than at my old school.
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I am a dedicated basketball and I am lucky enough to have been provided with excellent coachs, facilties, and teammates.
Great all around support at athletic events as well as non-athletic.
Even though it's my first year here, I love all my teachers. All went out of their way to welcome me to the school and make sure I understood class procedure and different school policies.
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