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High School was okay. I really enjoyed some of the classes that our school offered. A computer class that I take is really fun because I love computers and would like to do something with them in the future. I would really like to see some of the excessive invasion of privacy software items that are on the school technology tools. I would also like to see some of the educational websites that some students need to be unblocked so the students can benefit from them.
I like most of the teachers from Indian Creek. I don't like some of their teaching styles. Our academics are not the best and we could definitely do better at a lot of things.
I liked being able to come to a friendly environment everyday. The lunch was good. But, the classes could have been taught better.
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I am a Senior at Indian Creek High School. I have attended this school since kindergarten. The staff is nice and the school tries to go above and beyond in every way possible, but since we are a small school we do not get a lot of government funding.
I am a former student of Indian Creek Senior High School and I will say that I am very glad that I left. The teachers sometimes don't even know what they are doing. The only time the teachers are "good" at their job is when they're being evaluated. The students here are repulsive. If you aren't apart of a sport then you are no one. A lot of people here do drugs and the the problems here are big. The administrators did nothing when I went to them about being sexually assaulted or when someone went to the office for racial issues. The staff worries more on what you're wearing than the student being bullied for being gay or for being a muslim. The diversity at this school is also mediocre. The only diversity is when there is a foreign exchange student there and even then some of them get made fun off. I had one ask me if the school is always this racist and I said "Sadly yes". If you decide to go to Indian Creek I advise you to be careful with people because some don't even care.
It was a good time. The teachers loved teaching, and they loved the kids. Some of the academics seemed to be just your average class. The councilors really did not seem to know what they were doing. SO kids that really wanted to go to college were basically left to figure out on their own.
I transferred from another school because of the lack of teacher involvement. Could never get a response through email and could not get the proper help/ tutoring that I need for chemistry and geometry. I was failing both. The coach was horrible and had his favorites. I transferred to Indian Creek and immediately got the help I needed and both my failing grades, improved immensely. With the help of the football coaching staff and teachers, I was able to complete all requirements and passed both classes and started varsity football my senior year.
I like that it is not very strict and we do some fun spirit activities, but none of the teachers seem to care to be there with us and teaching.
Indian Creek High School is a very good high school to attend if you're looking for a mid sized school. They have good sports programs and a solid education system. I can't really point out what could change besides the lunches;)
Indian Creek High School gave me an educational experience that I will never forget. Even though the school is small, there are multiple opportunities to grow educationally and discover your true potential in life. The staff deeply value education and all of their students. I felt prepared to begin a higher education after graduating from Indian Creek due to the academic courses I received at Indian Creek.
Parent and staff involvement is prevalent during extra curricular activities. There is a strong sense of community within the school and phenomenal support from surrounding businesses and families.
While attending Indian Creek Senior High School I very much enjoyed the small classroom sizes and the student to faculty ratio. However, I would like to see the diversity within the school to increase. By doing this the students will be exposed to various different ethnicities and have a broader outlook on the world.
IC Senior High is set in a rural community. It has it's own bus system in which k-12 ride on the same bus based on geographical route. Classes are smaller, averaging less than 200 students per year. School has a good stars rating.
It's a small, close knit community school where everyone knows everyone. You feel supported by those around you and have a place to fit in. It's somewhere that people truly care, and you can find something to be passionate about.
I liked the small atmosphere and the closeness of everyone at the school. Also the small class sizes helped me get more one on one help.
Teachers are very involved with students. They create bond so and care about their students. It's a wonderful environment to be in.
Indian creek is a great school. It is a small school so it feels like a family. Everybody in the community knows each other and there is a huge support system.
Overall, it is a positive atmosphere! It is a great community for learning experience, just as long as you are willing to grasp all taught information.
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Indian Creek Sr. High School was a very welcoming high school, and did not have much, if any, bullying. The faculty there is friendly, and genuinely wants to help the students. The teachers helped me to apply for colleges, and pushed me to keep my grades up. Everyone was very supportive. The only thing I would change is the club diversity. Most schools are working towards having a GSA for the students, but Indian Creek Sr. High School is not. Being more inclusive would be a great start.
The atmosphere, teachers and size, the care abut the students and teaching them. the teachers are willing to assist those who struggle. Everyone knows each other. Have lots of extra activities available. Staff members are always willing to assist and friendly
There are a lot of really good teachers here. However, the administration does not seem to back up the teachers when it comes to discipline. I have had 3 set of principals, both vice and head, since my freshman year here. Most of the really good teachers are about to retire though.
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