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Indian Creek has been a great experience. The teachers are very approachable and super easy to get along with. They are also so personal and attempt to know you on a personal level. I have come to enjoy talking to my teachers on a daily basis. There are also great club offerings for after school activities- truly something for everyone. Sports have also improved significantly over the years and joining teams is fun and a great way to meet people. Go Creek! The only negative is that high schoolers share the same building with 7th and 8th graders which makes it crowded. However, ICS has been a great experience.
It started off good but as the years went on I realized that the school lacked diversity training and for the message that they portray they aren't doing much to change it. I also realized that the amount of money being paid to the school isn't worth feeling uncomfortable and unsafe as a person of color.
Indian Creek is not a welcoming place for children or their parents.
Lower income students miss out on opportunities solely due to the fact their families cannot afford to donate. The richer you are, the more likely your child will be favored in academics, sports, and theatre.
This school does not handle bullying very well. As usual, the rich kids who pick on the lower income kids are often not penalized due to their parent's significant contributions to the school.
The teachers here are really hit or miss. Some will go beyond what is necessary to help your child, but others won't even lift a finger. Certain teachers as well as members of the PTO seem to form a clique. They are very exclusive and they bully the other parents.
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This is the third private school in our area we have sent a child to and we cannot be more thrilled. Indian Creek have my daughter an amazing environment where she is free to be herself.
I love the close knit community Indian creek offers for their students. I also like the small class room size that is available to students. Coming to Indian Creek my junior year of high School allowed me to open up and sparked new interest for me. I got to concentrate on my favorite areas of study such as English and Science.
I love Indian Creek is incredible. I have been going here for a year now & I love it so much. I have great friends. My teachers are incredible and really care about me and my education. They truly want me to go far in life.
Decent teachers but a very close knit group that is difficult to connect with since many of them have been there all their life. Good education, I like the ability to choose our own classes, and their after school program has a lot of options. I did not like the inability to take college courses early, or the lack of IB and AP diplomas.
Indian Creek is incredible. Our teachers are brilliant. If you (a student) are struggling and you inform your teachers they will take the time to help you and are compassionate and patient with you. Personally, I was out sick for 2 weeks and my teachers were completely understanding, gave me time to complete my work helped me through things. I can't thank them enough. All of my classmates are inclusive, kind, and united. We truly are a community. The school is truly incredible. Many people think no school could be worth our expensive tuition, it is worth so much more.
Amazing teachers, great STEM program. Kids are able to get involved in multiple activities, sports, clubs, drama, music etc. Great middle school and high school experiences.
Indian Creek is a great school because it makes it feel like that you are at home. All of the people at Indian Creek is very nice and they help you through helpful. All of the sports team are great and they are getting better by the year.
The teachers and staff care for the students safety,academics, athletics , and home life. Everybody knows everyone. That doesn't mean that Everyone likes each other but for the most part people are nice to one another.It is a very professional school. Their athletics and academics are amazing but their are a few things that we could change to make it better. Teachers are great but the one thing they need to remember is not everyone learns the same way so they need to spice it up a little bit. It has helped me with my academics and social skills. The one thing that tops all of the other great things is that since we have smaller classes we get more one- on- one time with are teachers if we aren't getting a topic. I would definitely consider putting your child into this school it will help them tremendously. My parents put me here and it has helped me show my full potential in a classroom.
Some teachers are willing to help students when they don't understand something.
Some students were out of control but the experience was good academically.
The teachers were good but some helped out the students more than the others.
Outstanding - great academics, sports and theater productions.
one of the best parts of the school
the school is great w incredible teachers, who care and are accessible - great office staff and administration - incredible facilities that are very well-kept - nice small class sizes which is nice for learning but also difficult in that you are with small number of kids for 4 years, and not as much exposure to culture or diversity.

My biggest complaint is that all 3 years have been too easy - they should be pushing honors/AP younger and pushing kids more - even w 2 AP classes this year, my daughter isn't challenged and some of her friends also

but it is a loving, wonderful school that has nurtured these kids and created a safe, happy place for them to go every day

i also love the later start - 845 - when most high schools start at 700 am, when kids this age are still half asleep
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beatuiful brand new school, excellent tutoring, buses available if need and easy to use regularly or as need

college prep - good, offer yearly talks and then more ferueqnt during jr and sr year
the administration and all office staff are fantastic and work hard to stay connected to kids and keep kids and families well informed
offer a lot of different options, offer ability to start your own club which is great, lots of activities after school including things for kids that aren't into music or sports -
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