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Indian Creek High School Reviews

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I think Indian Creek has an overall decent educational system and amazing teachers. I have learned a lot with the help of the teachers. The teachers are always there to help students who need it at any time. They help prepare you for your future and give you tips on how to be ready for college. The school provides plenty of opportunities to join different clubs and sports. Indian Creek is always finding ways to get students involved.
My experience at Creek has been great. The teachers and staff are very helpful. If I would change one thing about this school, it would be the building.
I transferred to this school in the 10th grade. Indian Creek made a huge difference in my academic career, the staff and teachers care about the students and want to see them excel. I particularly like the AP Gov and AP Lit classes, they were both challenging and rewarding.
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Key club student council sadd and most of the other groups are highly engaged in community activities to assist people less fortunate in our area. Community involvement is highly recommended and part of our school.
Most teachers interact well with the students inside and outside of the classroom. You do have some who want to do the least amount of teaching and have them learn on their own to better prepare them for college, but this makes learning new techniques somewhat difficult. Many have study groups to help each other through.
Indian Creek school district is awesome. Yes we need to pass a levy to build a new high school and athletic complex, but this is a small community. We all either know each other from going here ourselves or from our children being in school together throughout the last 12yrs. I enjoy having all the kids stop by and interact with a good variety of different teens from here and most are highly motivated to go to college and do what they need to do to make themselves successful in their future. It might not be unique, but the closeness that most of these classmates have with each other throughout all grades is a "family" of all backgrounds, ethnicity, and culture. That is why my children would go here if I had to do it again. Athletics needs work, academics and clubs need work, but we do well with what we have. Can't ask for more!!
The band is very diverse with many different types of students involved in it.
It is hard for students to be able to fit everything they need to take into the schedule.
The school is average in safety when threats occur.
The doors to our main school are usually locked during class periods, and the teacher hasaid a fab to unlock the door. We also have some security cameras in the main builing's hallways and a few outside.
My school has many extracurricular activities to choose from. There are clubs like: National Honors Society, Key Club, SADD, FCA, Art Club, foreign language club, etc. There is a pretty good level of commitment to these clubs, and Key Club is the most popular option. All clubs have a staff member as the leader of the club, and there are some after-school activities available.
My school KS one of the better schools in the Ohio Valley. We may have a lot of parents who do not really care about their children's academic success, but the teachers and staff make up for that. The staff, for the most part, are very focused on the students success, and that's what makes it unique compared to the other schools in the area that I live in. I love my school and I have a lot of great memories here. Even if I could, I would not choose to go to any other school.
Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students and want them to be successful, but like most schools there are a few teachers who only do what is necessary. The teachers, for the most part, are good teachers who tach their students very well. Most of our teachers are hands on and do not use our textbooks to teach, they are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach and are very interested in their students. The teachers are usually mostly consistent with their grading. I feel that our teachers do their best to help their students suceed. I believe that the overall quality of our teachers is good.
The band is the greatest extracurricular activity and it includes a third of the school population. National Honor Society is managed well as well.
The school itself is not to the standards it should be. The band is the best part of the school.
Some teachers teach to every student's needs, but most only teach in one way which does not help the rest of the class learn the material.
This school offers many extracurriculars such as Key Club, S.A.D.D., and The National Honor Society. Each extracurricular has it's own unique way of fun.
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Overall it's been a nice school. Playing in the marching band was one of my favorite pastime experiences. I would definitely go to this school again because I have made so many friends and I have learned a lot.
Most teachers at this school actually attempt to teach to students while others put in the bare minimum. Many of these teachers have confusing ways of teaching.
Extracurriculars are great, but poorly funded.
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