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It's a decent sized school, and we are able to go to Kish and ivvc for college credits, along with ap english. We run on a block squedual. The only thing I wish would change is when we have to take certain classes that are required for graduation, consumers is required senior year at our school compared to paw paw where they take it softomore year because that's when they actually start getting jobs and fileing taxes.
The student-teacher relationships are amazing. The classes are small so the teachers have more time to really connect with their students and get them to learn, not just memorize. It gives the students a chance to get help and alleviates some stress about not knowing certain subjects.
I love the fact that school has a lot of after school clubs and sports, I would like to see more sports be added like football. But other than that I like the teacher choices and many activities.
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My experience at Indian Creek High school so far is pretty decent. This year starting at the high school, as I'm a freshman this year, I see many flaws along with everything. There is only two hallways like a T shape. This means it's a very small school, so you don't have many teachers. If one retires it is not an easy task to replace them. Also many subjects are taught by one teacher. Another flaw is that in many lockers there are ants, we have had brown recluse spiders at the school, and we have rodents and roaches. This may be because we are surrounded by corn fields on many sides or just because the building is old- my father graduated from this school. As for the positives in this school, they are working on making it better. They are repairing some of the rooms, they are trying to get devices for every student and are trying to make school an enjoyable place. The school is on its way to becoming more modern.
I loved going to school there. I feel as though I received a great education and I had the support of not only my family, but he staff and the community as well.
The teachers there really care about the students and do everything they can to help them succeed.
In some classes I feel like I do not learn anything due to how many disruptions there are throughout the class. Also our school is very biases on how they handle disciplinary actions.
Our school finds it acceptable to serve us molding food, and food that will barley fill you up. Also the tables and utensils are not always clean and up to standards. Also if you would like an extra entree it costs almost the same as a regular meal.
Students get punished on a very biased curriculum, it depends more on who is giving the disciplinary action rather than who did it.
Male sports generally get more attention by our student body and our athletic director. Certain sports such as baseball, basketball and volleyball get more games and help than sports such as soccer, softball, and track. Although all teams do well at my school they all do not get treated with the same amount of pride.
Most teachers at my school do not get grades into the books until right before the deadlines, and they also do not always grade all of our assignments. Also multiple teachers do not have control of the students in their classrooms thus making it difficult to learn. Also many teachers at our school play favorites and let others get away with more because they like them better.
My school plays favorites on the more popular sports or clubs thus giving them the most attention and funding. While the other clubs and sports still get some funding they do not get all of the attention and support others get.
When compared to other schools in the area, this one is one of the best available.
I never felt like this was an unsafe environment.
There was never a time that the school didn't have something going on after school.
I was fully prepared for college. In fact college courses were a breeze compared to some of the classes I took at this high school.
For being a school in a small community, this school does a great job giving students opportunities to shine outside of the classroom.
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Teachers here go above and beyond to help their students. Most love their job.
Health and safety policies are average
No football, wrestling, tennis, or uncommon sports but a lot of school spirit!
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