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I like that i was able to be in such a great program called the California Early College Acacdemy also know as C.E.C.A, Ceca is a program that allows you to be in A.V.I.D and by junior year taked college classes at a community college located right next door to the high school. Another thing i like about Inderkum High is that they make you feel welcomed and the school is very diverse so you learn a lot about people and their backgrounds.
I liked the fact that the school was partnered with a public library, so it had more resources than other school libraries. I also appreciated the fact that the school was running on sustainable heating and cooling systems. The students were friendly and the teachers were easy to talk to.
A great school with plenty of diversity, chill teachers, and lit rallys. I was never really feeling the cafeteria food though.
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My experience was a positive one. It provided me with many opportunities to interact with not only the students but the community that surrounded Inderkum. Many say Inderkum is not that great but if you truly try to integrate yourself into the tiger family your experience at Inderkum will become an everlasting, positive memory.
Inderkum is a very diverse school where a lot of people from around the world come to learn. It even has an IB program in which I am enrolled in and allows students to volunteer themselves to learn in more rigorous classes. What i'd like to see change is the respect that some students have for others. Although people love to learn at this school, there are difference that many students have and they need to respect others.
Inderkum was a very enjoyable experience because they had a lot of great teachers that really cared and wanted to see their students succeed. There were also plenty of extracurricular activities that many people were involved in, which created a sense of unity between the body of students. Furthermore, their sports teams are really good in all sports.
They were ok. My experience went I started Inderkum in my sophomore year was ok I got the classes that I need.
I like how diverse Inderkum High School is and I’m glad to be apart of that journey. The motivation and support is pure that helps students on the road to success.
I really like everything about inderkum high school.Inderkum High School is very diverse.The only issue that i have is the quality of lunch and not having enough teachers.
sometimes there is not even a teacher for a class for whole year and students end up not learning anything and wasting their whole year.
Inderkum High School is a diverse high school with individuals who come a variety of ethnic, racial, economic, and personal backgrounds and doesn't affect how students view and treat each other. Inderkum High School administration teaches students that everyone are equal and that the success of all students in athletics, academics, and life is a priority of school staff. The teachers of Inderkum's rigorous academic programs provide students with pragmatic instruction and content that will provide them with a realistic college life experience. Inderkum ensures that students can prosper in an environment that emphasizes their strengths whether its in sports, their studies, clubs, etc. Inderkum favors school spirit as it advises students to become a part of the school community to highlight and praise all parts of what the school has to offer, including, but not limited to: athletics, academics, visual and performing arts, community service and many others.
The school itself is pretty nice but I can classify it as mediocre for most things. Every year there are less actual teachers and more Sub-Teachers, and the college readiness is focused on until a students last few months of school.
Inderkum high School is a great school to learn. The teacher and staff will assist the students to reach their highest academic achievements
I enjoyed the diversity and academic programs provided for the students through the administrators and fellow students.
Inderkum has a lot to offer. There are a variety of programs such as International Baccalaureate (IB), California Early College Academy (CECA), and we also offer College Preparatory classes (CP). I love the wide variety of sports and clubs we have here that make the student want to be involved. It is a very welcoming environment and classes are very enjoyable.
I very much enjoyed the culture and sports of inderkum but the academics were below or right at average
I like how diverse the school is. It’s because of this that we can see how many different cultures and background everyone within and outside of the school. I like, personally, the programs we have at our school such as CECA and IB. These are really good programs that I’d like to see more people apply for. For me, the only thing I’d change is the stairs haha.
My experience at this school was amazing the teachers teach well and the students does not pick on each other , the only problem is is that the kids just throw trash around, so sometime it is kind of dirty.
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Our school motto is GROWL; G for Grit, R for Responsibility, O for Optimism, W for Worldliness, and L for Learners Profile. It is a motto that we stand by and assure is enforced for the success of the students. Also known for being one the most diverse high schools in the nation, students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn about other cultures in one place. Since Inderkum high school opened on August 23,2004, it has since provided an environment for students from all backgrounds and walks of life to feel welcomed. With outstanding academics, athletic achievement and traditions like rallies, multicultural night, senior trip and many more have helped students become successful both on and off campus. From freshman year to senior year, I can agree that students such as I myself are able to strive and grow with fellow peers. With the help of parents and staff members, I can proudly say Inderkum High School is a place where everyone will make memories to last a lifetime.
If your child gets involved with activities and applies for IB or is in AP they should be fine. It’s rigorous, but keeps them out of trouble.
Inderkum's campus is all indoors, so students are protected from weather throughout the day. Class locations are very easy to learn due to the layout of the campus. However, the security rarely punishes students for bad behavior in the hallways and lunch lines.
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