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Independence School Local I High School Reviews

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The nurse don't care about us.
There are no clubs at this school.
I would choose this school again because this high school is not like other high schools because it's small, this school have 150 student attended. Its very easy to get around and I like that this school is close to nature and we go on camping trips.
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The teachers in this school is easy to get to because this is a small school. Some teachers are willing to seat down one on one with a student to talk to then about their problems or an assignment.
This school wasn't my first choice, so when I went there I had no expectations of what there would be. But I can say for the amount of time I've spent there I have learned a lot about myself. I honestly think this school is a good fit for anyone who needs one on one time with teachers, this is the school for you. Independence is a great fit for anyone who knows that they like a small school, and a kind environment where the teachers know everyone by name and are able to see what student weaknesses ans strengths are. Independence is a good fit for anyone who knows they are smart but their tests scores say differently, only because they know a test score doesn't define you. Independence is a school that isn't based on test results or grades they focus solemnly on how well of a student, and how well you perform in a project based learning environment.
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