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Independence Middle School Reviews

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I like the school and their teachers. The school is nice and warm. The school is located within my municipality.
I do not feel threatened at all at this school. The security at the school protects you... to the point they watch over you constantly...
We have a lot of extra-curricular activities, whether that be sports or clubs. There are a good amount of students that are part of these activities. There is a newspaper, yearbook, choir, orchestra, band, baseball, football, volleyball, a family consumer science club, handbells, student council, swimming, cross country, and so much more.
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I had a lot of fun during my time at Independence Middle School. The teachers are very helpful.
A lot of the teachers really care about their students and really want to reach out and help them whenever they struggle. Most of their teaching styles are effective. However, some of the teacher's teaching styles are not as effective and do not really interest their students.
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