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Independence Junior Senior High School Reviews

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Great performance arts program. Disorganized and foolish leadership. Poor teachers, bad science department, little to no student representation.
Very good experience. Good teachers who are invested in their student’s future. Band and vocal departments are top notch. Sports are something to be proud of.
Independence Junior/Senior High School resides in a small community, therefore everyone can get to know each other well. Teachers know their students, and students all know each other which keeps the community fairly tight-knit. The school spirit at Independence is impressive with big turnouts at each sporting event and other extracurricular activities. Because of the small size of classes, teachers are more readily able to help students when they have a question or are struggling. Classes are ninety minutes long in high school, which allows for teaching time and also study time for students to hopefully not have any homework. This school district is nice to be apart of if one is searching for a smaller community size.
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We have strong integrity and it shows through everything we do here. There is a strong value on respect. Everyone strives for perfection and no one thinks to slack off. We put our all into all our activities. The staff is very kind and approachable.
I'd like to see every student treated fairly. Ex. skinny girls never get in trouble for wearing short shorts, but heavier sets ones always do.
This school is very new. It is only 4 years old, and it is climate controlled. It has staff that care about you and want to see you succeed. The guidance staff have helped me a lot with scholarships for college and with and schedule changes that I need. The school is very safe and it is easy to find your way around. I wish that our school had a few more activities to promote school spirit.
Independence has beautiful facilities and well built sports programs. It is located in a small town that has been voted the second safest town in Iowa. I love it here and would recommend my high school to everyone!
I have enjoyed my time at Independence Junior/Senior High School. I have learned a lot and really enjoy the block scheduling. Senior releases are definitely a plus and the people are very friendly.
I've lived in Independence all my life, so all I've known is the mustang community. When I first started junior high we were in a building that was 63 years old, and it definitely showed its age. After a heavy rain the back field would flood, because we were so close to the river. During that heavy rain the ceiling would leak to the point we would need buckets to catch the rain. The town passed a new Jr/Sr high school, and was built my freshman year. The school itself is now a beautiful building, a very costly building about 27 million dollars. The community is great, and I love how we can all come together to support an amazing school district.
There are many classes to choose from way more than other schools. At my old school there wasn't many class options and here there is a great deal that is one reason I transferred to it.
Somethings such as Speech not everyone can get into and you have to try out which kind of stinks. The sports seem good but I am not a sports person, and I never have had interest in many other school activities.
I haven't been at this school long I just transferred over at the end of last year. So far I have had an okay experience. Somethings are good about the school such as teachers and school lunches. Somethings could be improved such as helping new students fit in. I have still not really made any friends and I don't feel like I really fit into the school.
I feel like some teachers take their job seriously and want to help all of the students. Some just think of it as a job and don't go above and beyond. I have noticed most students have the same problems with the same teachers. If all teachers would help out students I think this school would be a better place.
Not a hole lot of variety of classes.
Not supportive of all students.
The school and staff make sure to keep all the students safe at Independence Jr./Sr. high.
Lots of kids are committed to after-school activities.
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My favorite experiences is the music program.
Some teachers don't care if a student fails and doesn't help struggling students.
The new building has been a great addition to our district.

The atmosphere is much better now than in the old building
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