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Since my freshman year at Independence, I have learned a lot. My teachers challenged me to push myself to the best of my ability. Sometimes it was hard, but that's how I knew I was growing. The one true critique I would have for Independence wouldn't be the academic environment; it would be the school's atmosphere with students. Our school seems to be very ignorant to the problems that people face outside of Williamson County. Many people are extremely rude to minorities (black, Hispanic, lgbtq, etc.), and it takes away from the overall appeal of the school.
Independence High School is known for being a top notch athletic driven high school. We take our sports very seriously, as well as, our academics. Our administrators give us a good balance of studies and fun.
I think Independence High School is just average for being in Williamson County. I have had a lot of teachers at this school who don't really seem to care about teaching and inspiring students to learn. I think academically they aren't as strong as some other Williamson County Schools. The school overall is in poor condition for its age, especially the bathrooms. The lunches at this school are pretty bad, but i'm sure that is the same as the rest of the schools in the county.
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I love that there are several teachers who are willing to build a personal relationship with their students. I also love the school spirit that all the students have and it’s so fun being in that environment.
The best part about Independence High School is the sports and activities. Football season is the time of the year when everyone comes together as an entire school. One Independence can work on is preparing student for college earlier.
Independence High School was an overall safe and encouraging school; however there was too much emphasis on rigor and achievement at the expense of social emotional development. Many of my friends and fellow students struggle with anxiety and fear of failure.
I had excellent teachers, great sports, and a supportive environment. All of my teachers knew the course topic and taught it to perfection, preparing me for my university courses to the point where I feel that my high school classes were far harder than the general education classes at my university. The school environment was great, I always felt at home and everyone I talked to was nice and friendly. The administration supported the students, and the sports teams were extensive and high quality. I personally played tennis, and we were one of the top-ranked schools in the state; top three in our district.
Very good. Lots of great teachers, and a wide selection of classes. Great student life and people at the school. Has been some safety threats, all of which have been handled aptly by school and police officials. Great sports programs. Art department doesn't have much funding though. Amazing theater department, always putting out great plays. County requires everyone to take the ACT.
Independence High school is one of the best public high schools in Williamson county, and as a senior I have overall enjoyed my experience there over the past years. Its welcoming environment not only allows for academic success, but also the ability to create connections and relationships that will last. The teachers and administration make it easy to ask for help and do a good job of recognizing when a student is struggling. The opportunities and involvement in clubs and activities are countless, giving students a chance to take part in what interests them. For example, I have been involved in our special needs program Best Buddies, a student leadership club (STARS), and being a student ambassador. Although our school diversity lacks, the student culture is full of different types of people who all come together to use their talents and qualities to create a positive learning environment.
This school has the diversity of stale bread. The intolerance for anything other than straight, white, Christians is absurd! They allow teachers to spend half of the class talking about their political ideals, their religion, and what they believe is right and wrong. Sitting through a class and being told your religion is unimportant? And when you address it, no action is taken? No thank you.

Likewise, they hardly ever cater to a student’s dietary needs. There are minimal healthy options to begin with, and they do not provide enough food for people with certain allergies (gluten, dairy, eggs, etc.) to have a fulfilling meal. This also applies to diets such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and other religious affiliated dietary restrictions.
I like how the teachers take thought and care into each and every one of their students to make sure everyone understands the material being taught. I love how welcoming everyone is. One thing that could be changed would be expanding the school due to the influx of students from new neighborhoods.
IHS is a good school. There are several activities for students to participate in. The faculty is very knowledgeable and work with students who need extra help in a subject.
The school has a variety of clubs and activities that students can participate. The student environment at the school is friendly for the most part. The school spirit during pep rallies and sporting events is outstanding. The students are very involved in the school activities and in the community. The only complaint I have is the school does not do a good job preparing students for college at all.
I’ve gone there for all of high school and my sister also started and finished at Indy. I’m in love with the school and the extra curricular activities including Theatre. I’ve been involve with Theatre and the Drama club all oh high school and it has shaped my high school career as well as my personality.
While attending Independence I was surrounded by all sorts of clubs, sports, and activities, allowing me to gain a well rounded experience. I've had the pleasure of meeting plenty of new people, teachers, and friends. the quality of this school is exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I would absolutely recommend this school to parents debating high schools for their children.
I have liked my experience at Independence so far. If there is one thing I would like t see is more diversity.
Independence offers a variety of sports, clubs, activities, and events during school and after or before school. The Independence teachers want the best for you and challenge you to strive for your own success, in your unique way.
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The dynamic of social life at the school is a real mix. Students come from either side of Thompson Station, so sometimes it gets interesting. Teachers can either be really amazing and passionate about what they teach (especially Mr. Balzer the Media teacher) or super bored and a bit uneducated on the subject or how to properly teach it.
I love that the school has great science teachers. I really enjoy the teachers that truly care about their students. However, the school is not very diverse at all, which I hope will change in the future.
Independence High School has good academics and a great variety of clubs to stay involved in. Not only that, but the school also has a great student friendly environment.
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