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Independence High School (IHS) may carry a bad reputation of being a "ghetto" school, but that misconception is purely based on how the school started off when it first opened 1976. Many of my teachers have guided me in a way that has led me to become an independence, goal-driven, and hard-working young adult. Because the school is so populated and diverse, you will find both extremes in our student body make up. This includes overachievers, underachievers, and everybody in between. IHS offers a large variety of clubs, magnet programs, AP Classes, and leadership activities to cater to such diversity. I found my experience at this school to be very inclusive and motivating.
I love how the campus is spread out and not small comparing to other schools. I like how the villas are in place. However, what needs to be added is; lunch tables and better bathroom stalls. When someone is in one stall and another person is in the next stall, you can sometimes see the other person in the other stall.
A lot of the teachers are supportive and helpful, but there are some that I believe can even be replaced by top students of the class.
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I enjoy this school because they get really involved in making sure they protect all students and make sure they excel in everything they try.
Some teachers here are more excited to teach than others. Some needs to work on interacting with students. Some also have to work on better teaching. Some staff are very nice, while others needs work. The academics they offer here are very spread out. There are a lot of options and not enough time. The campus is very big, and the bathrooms need work. Some doors don't have locks. They afford new things like having a pad machine for girls but they don't fix the locks. The students here have a lot of spirit. We do not get as much rallies as other schools, but it still is fun. Our sports team are very good.
I was a very involved student at my time here at Independence I've made many great connections not with just students but with teachers as well!
This school is full of good teachers, but the students are horrible. Nobody really supports each other and the work environment is actually very bad. People are not able to act the way they want without others being stuck up or rude to other students.
Independence High school--though not being the most well-rounded high school out there- had been the place where my personal growth sprout. The teachers, counselors, and friends I was given a chance to know played a key role in shaping who I am today.
I like how it is very big, you can make friends everywhere. Many people are very friendly, in most classes there are many talkative people which makes it fun and easy to enjoy your classes.
The environment is clean and students are very helpful with each other. The teachers are very friendly and work hard to teach their students. The classroom is a fun and exciting place to go to, specially when you have friends in the class. We have an after-school tutoring program and when you go, they give you a ticket which you can get free food with. We have a nice student population which is around 3,000 students and it when we have rallies it really loud and fun.
I love the school! The school is very diverse and has many amazing clubs and after school activities like Robotics, Sewing club, Food club, Dance Clubs and much more! The teacher are can be very supportive and help students with their homework. Independence High school is a very special place because we have a very spirited school that frequently have breathtaking assembly performances that are performed by the clubs here on campus. The school is very lively and very convenient to the public library next door. Some teacher are very nice and allow students to eat in their classroom during lunch but I really wish that the school had more shaded areas, benches and tables for students. Overall my experience at Independence high school was an amazing opportunity to reunite with all my friends and meet new people.
My name is Lean Doan. I am currently a senior at Independence High. I've been attending this school since freshmen year in 2015 and I plan to graduate here this 2018-2019 school year in May. Independence has a very large campus. Personally for me, that isn't an issue. Independence students are very spirited. We have rallies once every few months and it's a great way for us to go out of our way and dress up with our class and just have a fun time with everyone. The teachers here are also helpful. If I'm being honest, Independence doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to high schools in our district, but it's honestly not as bad as people may make it sound like or seem. I would recommend anyone to attend Independence. The only thing I'd like to see change here would be the school investing more money into us. We all know they have more than enough, so I'd like for them to put the money to good use and create a better faculty for the staff and students here.
Class of 2018 here. Everyone is definitely different for sure, but this place can be the best or the worst. Independence can be academically enriching with a plethora of AP classes, some great teachers, and socially fulfilling with its 3000+ students, sports, clubs, and spirit weeks. Depending on how much you put in and who you spend your time with, you can make some great friends and make some memories. On the other hand, some teachers are the worst, then again which school can ever boast a 100% satisfaction rate, and sometimes some boys smoke in the bathroom, plus most stalls had locks broken. Expect to do a lot of walking because the campus is huge. Overall, the place isn't bad, I enjoyed my time here.
Independence High School is a very good school, from teachers, to staff, to classes, to people, everything.
There was a lot of things I've liked about Independence High School like their clubs, school spirit and AVID program. Some things I'll like to see change is the food they give at lunch and for staff members not to be so rude just because we're "just students" to them.
At Independence High School you will meet may new people, some that will become your new best friends, and some that you will most likely try to avoid all year. At this school I would have always wished that the math teachers I had would actually be motivated and interested in teaching. I say this because my Freshman - Junior year teachers weren't really the teaching type. They would give you handouts and make you "self teach" yourself the whole year. Some goods about the school is if you are in the AVID program. Since I am in the AVID program I have more resources than the average student such as in class tutoring, college readiness lessons, and help in applying to college. In AVID we also visit college campuses so you can get a feel of how life in at that college would be. We build a strong connection with other students in the program because all 4 years of High School you take classes with other AVID students.
This year, with the help of my activities director, ASB presented a plan to our school Principal, who gave us approval to add a Back to School Rally.

My intention for this rally was to be student and teacher based, which was completely different from our other two student based rallies. I wanted to incorporate teachers as participants because they were never involved in the rallies.
Students were amused seeing their teachers compete amongst students and found it very entertaining. After that day, many teachers had a different perspective on school and students. Teachers commented that the rally was a success and the best they've ever watched. For days, many teachers laughed about how they got hit by a dodgeball or how Ms. Baker beat Ms. Williams at Musical Chairs.
By strengthening the relationship between staff members and students, everyone became more interested in attending school. These small efforts helped grow unity within the campus.
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Independence High School is an amazing High School! I only attended there my junior and senior year and made amazing friends and can say that the teachers their are supportive of whatever you are trying to be in life, whether it be put you to classes that can help with your major or even help you get through those hard classes.
Pros: diverse student body, tons of clubs and activities for you to join & explore your interests (& if you can't find one, the culture of the school encourages you to start your own!), spirit weeks are fun, good foreign language department (take German), a lot of AP classes. Overall a school with lots of hidden gems, it's really what you make of it.

Cons: The large student population makes it difficult to form close, personal relationships with your counselors, some students are disrespectful of the facilities & teachers (e.g., they'll spit into the soap dispensers, trash the bathrooms, talk back to teachers or substitutes, etc.), some teachers don't do a good job of teaching.
The school was very large in comparison to other high schools in the district, which was a great way for new and prospective students to meet other students who went to other middle schools. With such a great, supportive faculty, students at Independence High are on track to succeed. Also, there is an abundant amount of clubs that students are able to join based off of their personal interests!
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