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Independence High School was the best high school because it had the best students coming from a school that didn’t seem the best. Through the students and the teachers, students were able to chase after their dreams of a higher education. There were some bad teachers that ruined some people, but the good teachers were able to push the students to be better than they could ever be.
My expereience at Indepence was alright. They prepared me for college. Had some of the best teachers in my personal opinion, they really leave a big impact on you. However, the bathrooms and food isn't that great.
The staffs at school were helpful and nice. I was new to the US when I study there. At first I thought it's gonna be awkward and difficult for me to meet any friends at all, however, I met quite a lot of people that are just like me. Most of the teachers are nice, they never judge me for not able to speak English, they taught me ways to improve my English speaking. Besides, teachers often help students who are like me to know more about American culture, by making lots of class activities which were fun. My favorite subject I studied was US history. History seems boring to lots of students, but the teacher made the opposite, it was the most interesting class I've ever took, the class activities were fun and included many class discussions. It's important to learn book knowledge but more importantly life experiences. The teacher who taught US history often teaches us about life and the importance to be good overall.
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Independence high school was good I don't have anything really bad to say. Though nothing was really spectacular except that it is a really big high school. But during the last year or so I was there a large portion of the school was sold/rented to the charter school which frustrated both students and teachers because of the charter school.
My experience in Independence High School was not as bad as I thought it was going to be my freshman year. ASB, class officers do anything on their will to make our High School experience best as possible when it comes to rallies, dances or other events. However, the only change I would like is to fix the bathrooms because they are unsanitary.
Amazing and diverse experience that I will cherish and remember for as long as I live. I will never forget the beautiful faces that walked with me on the path of becoming a young adult at this school. Wonderful teachers as well.
What I like about a Independence High school is that they offer classes that other schools dont. Also they are college ready for Seniors and Counselors are always open for everyone.
As a student who has attended Independence High School for four years, I find that the academics here are only average because of the large student population. I feel as though because there are so many students, classrooms are overfilled and the teacher to student ratio is very large, meaning that not a lot of students are able to receive one-on-one assistance. Most of the staff are kind but some seem to be quite aggravated when students need help. I feel like while there are a handful of amazing teachers, some just don't seem ready to help educate us as students.
The faculty and students really symbolizes the diversity in this school. I love the fact that I can make friends with almost anyone here.
It was amazing memories at Independence High School. I was an immigrant, and attended high school as sophomore. Since I didn’t know much English, I coundn’t communicate with others. I was alone for a few weeks, but after that other friends started talking with me even though I had bad accent. They made me feel comfortable when talking. Teachers are very nice. They were trying to help me out because I couldn’t understand everything.
I went to Independence for two years. I love how diverse it is and everyone there are very friendly. You'll easily find your group and teachers that you like. Compared to the schools I went to in the past, I like Independence the best. Even though, the restrooms need some help. Also, the administration should be there for students.
I love Independence because of how they have prepared me since the beginning. There are some teachers that do make things a bit hard but it teaches you to be independent and when you approach administration about it they take action right away to ensure that you get the education you deserve.
The school is huge and has a lot of teachers and students. They offer a magnet program for teaching academy, which is great for anyone who’s interested in becoming a teacher or working in education. Plenty of opportunities for AP classes to challenge yourself.
great! the school is large and outdoors; the staff are also very helpful, especially the counselors.
its a really fun school which has a lot of clubs and offers many sports. Not only that but the school rallies and events are unforgettable. There's a lot of student and teacher involvment in these events.
Independence High School (IHS) may carry a bad reputation of being a "ghetto" school, but that misconception is purely based on how the school started off when it first opened 1976. Many of my teachers have guided me in a way that has led me to become an independence, goal-driven, and hard-working young adult. Because the school is so populated and diverse, you will find both extremes in our student body make up. This includes overachievers, underachievers, and everybody in between. IHS offers a large variety of clubs, magnet programs, AP Classes, and leadership activities to cater to such diversity. I found my experience at this school to be very inclusive and motivating.
I love how the campus is spread out and not small comparing to other schools. I like how the villas are in place. However, what needs to be added is; lunch tables and better bathroom stalls. When someone is in one stall and another person is in the next stall, you can sometimes see the other person in the other stall.
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A lot of the teachers are supportive and helpful, but there are some that I believe can even be replaced by top students of the class.
I enjoy this school because they get really involved in making sure they protect all students and make sure they excel in everything they try.
Some teachers here are more excited to teach than others. Some needs to work on interacting with students. Some also have to work on better teaching. Some staff are very nice, while others needs work. The academics they offer here are very spread out. There are a lot of options and not enough time. The campus is very big, and the bathrooms need work. Some doors don't have locks. They afford new things like having a pad machine for girls but they don't fix the locks. The students here have a lot of spirit. We do not get as much rallies as other schools, but it still is fun. Our sports team are very good.
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