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Nothing really happens at this school since it's so mellow, obscure, and in a great neighborhood. This school does have an amazing school nurse, who mingles with the students and makes sure we're doing well, especially mentally, because the students at this school have faced many struggles that many other high schoolers don't face, and she understands that. The wellness center feels extremely safe, comfortable, and the center offers talks w/ a variety of topics like sexual violence, safe sex, gender and sexuality, etc. It's really fantastic.
There are a few clubs and extracurricular opportunities, but definitely not enough and I wish there were more. Student engagement/participation is low as well, but justified given this is an alternative school and people are in and out all the time.
I've just graduated from this school, and honestly, I really enjoyed my experience, but many might beg to differ. Independence High School is a SFUSD alternative school that uses the independent study curriculum, and is intended for those who need remedial courses, and/or just find the traditional school not suitable for their needs. Having transferred here after dwindling for a few years at my old, artistically + academically challenging school, and battling through mental health issues, I was able to heal. In addition, I was able to flourish intellectually, socially, and as a persn due to the extra time that Independence gave me throughout the week, as we were only required to go once a week. The extra time allowed me to work directly in my communities, take classes at CCSF, pursue internships, create art, music, dance and so much more, all while learning time management & self reliance. I just wish that the school provided more rigorous/challenging coursework options, so that I could have been challenged more academically as well, but that can be achieved through dual enrollment at CCSF/Skyline. Speaking on other things----the building itself is near spotless & really nice; there's a lot of resources, like new books, macbook airs/pros, 3d printer, etc.;the wellness center is so comfortable and fantastic; teachers/staff are so sociable, helpful, approachable, and amazing. At Independence, I got extremely involved with the prom committee, which turned out to be a success, and that's def one of the highlights of my time there, amongst many. I've met some of the most amazing, resilient people, grown, and had an amazing time all in all----this school is truly a hidden gem in the school system. It's also what you make of the experience, and for me, I guess I tried my best to make the most out of it, and it turned out. There's so many more things I can say about this fantastic school, but there's not enough words to do so, so I'll just give it all my love & gratitude.
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The teachers at this alternative, independent study school are very approachable, helpful, and supportive.They've really given me the support I needed to continue my academia in a timely manner, and are very knowledgable in terms of credits, grades, courses, etc. However, as many of the teachers are supervising teachers (aka an overseer of all of a students' coursework), they aren't quite knowledgable/interested in much of the course material that's given out. The curriculum of this school is gradually being changed though, as students are assigned to teachers specialized in certain courses in addition to their supervising teachers.
This was designed for students who desired to pursue personal goals such as work. The school was very small it did not have an athletic department. Students met with their teachers once a week for one hour.
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