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Honestly not bad but not great. Not much is offered in classes but at least you can take lots of college classes.
If you want a school that gets you ready for college, this is not the right school. I had to teach myself many things. I pushed the administration to allow me to take college classes my Sophomore year but they thought I was too "incompetent" & wouldn't allow me to take a class. I was held back in certain classes because I understood material but teachers would not move on if a couple people didn't understand, I was not learning the best to my ability. I was forced to take many classes that I didn't need nor would help me in the future. The students were horrible, showing no respect for themselves or teachers. They don't require the personal finance class in order for you to graduate but I think they should because it prepares you for college & your future, yet they don't make you take it? I honestly believe this school is very behind in its academics. Some people move to this school & become bored because they have already learned such things a year or two ago.
I just graduated in 2017 and I would say that there isn't much diversity and the education is pretty behind. When I moved from California to Wisconsin, they were just learning a few things I already learned back in third grade. There aren't many clubs or after school programs to help students more in education. The school was average not too bad but also not that great.
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I honestly can say my school is great. I don't think there is anything I would want to change, my school is the best. BSE!!
It was okay, I mean I didn't like it but there's worse. If you want to get ready for college do it yourself.
Independence High school is a wonderful school to go too. As a small School Independence High school does it best to provide all the classes you want to take whether it is through a different school or through youth options they always try to accommodate you. Also Independence High school has wonderful staff and teachers. The teachers are always willing to help you when you ask or make a time before or after school to help there students.
I thought this was a great way to earn my and see my school from a different perspective.
I think that They work hard but they are still trying to work out a lot of kinks.
There are average choices for sports but they are highly recommended.
I think a lot of the teachers try to work hard for their students and school.
I believe the academics aren't top notch but can be challenging.
There is a large list of extracurricular activities offered here.
Don't have options, food is disgusting, and when they would give us fries they would only give us 4-5 fries.
Everyone felt like the school is a joke. High school students were being treated like they were little kids with all rules.
The kids always say our technology is from the dinosaur age, which it is, out of date.
They all repeat the same safe, respect, and responisble stuff over and over, half of them dont know how to teach.
We don't have any threats.
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I wouldn't chose this school again because of the repetitive "Best School Ever" and "PBIS." I feel like were being treated like little kids, becuase they mix, the little kids, middle schoolers, and high schoolers all into one for activites, school day hours, activities, etc.
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