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Most teachers are good but many of them only keep their jobs because they've been here so long. The only reason I feel prepared for college is because I signed up for a college application class, but that will only be a class this year. Counselors are good with helping you sign up for ccp classes and scheduling regular classes. Administration is in everyone's business and tries to handle out of school issues, which have nothing to do with them.
The teachers were good and they do get you ready for college. There's lots of clubs and the teachers and staff really do care about your safety.
I liked that several of my teachers were passionate about the subjects they teach. Such as Mr. Maretka or Mrs. Satola, who truly care about their curriculum and in turn, spread that enthusiasm to the students and excite them about learning.
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During my 4 years at Independence, I always felt at home and safe because the majority of the teachers were always there for me if I ever needed anything.
Independence High School is a secondary school composed of less than 400 students with graduating classes under 100 students. With such a small average class size, although academics are valued highly, a lack of depth of high level and advanced classes exist. However at Independence, there is a great teacher to student relationship, opportunity for involvement in clubs and organizations, and overall safety.
Great school. Teachers are more than always there for you. Very engaging, allows a lot of student flexibility as well. There is more than academics taught here, life lessons are given to the students better than any school could possibly teach.
It's a bubble. Great education but not the best place for anyone unpopular. I had a great 4 years. The school holds you to high standards.
Because our school is so small it is difficult to offer a wide range of classes because enrollment would be so low. Our core requirements are well taught most of the time. The teachers are experienced and are knowledgeable.
The social atmosphere is quite lax at our school. The more popular people tend to be quite intelligent and those that do not try in school are looked down on. Students get involved in sports and activities a great deal. There is very little diversity at our school, but those that are of different races are not ridiculed. I think students look up to them kind of.
I love the activities offered. I participate in band, biology society, monopoly club, student council, and swimming. All of the clubs are well-managed, fun, and of a reasonable price. The commitment for different activities ranges based on what clubs you join.
Personally, I love the tight-knit atmosphere that Independence schools have to offer. There is a great deal of trust between everyone due to the fact that our district if so small. The clubs our school has to offer our great. I would definitely choose Independence again. The experience at this school is unlike any other.
It is difficult to complete this survey accurately because I have had many different teachers who taught using a wide range of styles. Some were amazing and exhibit all the great qualities a teacher should. Some were not effective in their teaching styles and did do their best to make sure the class understood what they were teaching. Overall, I would have to say the bulk of my teachers demonstrated effective teaching styles and had prominently sage characteristics. However, I do not thing the teachers use the technology available in the building effectively. Other than projecting something to the front of the room, there is very little technology use in the school. Mind you, we have chromebooks, iPads, SmartBoards, Elmo projectors, and basically every Apple computer issued. (Students use this tools effectively; they are not used in the classroom.)
The school nurse is always at school unlike other school
There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities at this school. And this makes student not lazy and not dull.
Parents at this school really care about the education of their children. Since there is a saying that education is the key to success therefore parents would do everything for their kids to be successful.
Teachers at this school are the best teachers every student can ever drdreamThis is because they have the patience to make you understand and get what they are teaching easily and also they treat their students they they will treat their own children and I love them for that.
What is great about my school is there is always a police officer in the building whether they are there to just check in or to sit down and eat lunch with the students.
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There are several extra curricular activities. They offer ski club bowling club golf. Its great
I would definitely go to this high school all over again. They offered students the chance to either take college courses at a community college during their senior year or the career center where you could earn college credit. I attend Cvcc for teaching and will earn two college credits.
There is always an open door policy for all teachers as well as the principal. All teachers are very knowledgeable and compassionate.
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