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The school is a good place to go but there are some people that just don’t want to learn and that causes everyone else to get distracted
I've only really been here roughly around 4 months and it was a new experience. The attitude with the students are horrible towards teachers. Teachers don't have a say so in their own classroom. They have to call the front office for everything. That's why there is no respect here, but the only ones who get respect are the friend teachers.
It was great to be there . I met so many people. The class that I graduated with, we still keep contact . The class of 14’ was a very close family . It didnt matter what race you were , we all had love for each other.
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I didn't like it at first especially when i was a freshmen but as the days and school years went by everything was just fine. I liked most of my teachers even though they come and go. The students there were OK they wasn't the best but kind of friendly at times, our Friday game night was the BEST I wish i could go back. The band was awesome and the bus trips was so much fun. I can't speak on today because everything has changed in those 4 years.
What I like the most about Independence High Magnet School, was the food they prepare and serve for lunch. It was the best in all the parish of Tangipahoa.
My school may not be the biggest or the best for that matter. However this school has taught me things inside and out the class room. The bond between students and teachers is amazing. I feel at home!
There were some bad and good days.
They taught me what I needed to know.
My dance team was pretty good.
It definitely prepared me for college
They need more experience teachers
It need improvement from the staff to be great
Bullying is not a big issue at school but it should it's not only real but everywhere and in different outlets.
The food is okay but school lunches and or breakfest should be good not okay.
The school has strict policies and will do what's nessary to keep order.
We don't have much but what we do have is good enough, which it shouldn't be that way the school needs more undos for sports.
The teachers need to be more involed, understand the location of the school, fight for there students and have more self motivation.
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The school lots more work done to achieve a higher level status.
Most likely, if you do anything wrong and you are known to do things wrong, you will be punished.
The athletics are very intense.
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