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My experience at Independence high school was really good! The best four years of my life was spent there creating beautiful memories with teachers and friends. I’m glad I attended there.
This school encourages a great education and the environment is peaceful. From the staff to the administrators, I could not ensure a better school to send a high schooler. The school is protected daily and the teachers care dearly about their students.
The staff and teachers were friendly and very helpful. The teachers and focused and caring for each of their students. The school had great clubs to express yourself and had competitive sports. While the campus is a bit confusing to figure out, it is color coded to help guide you. There are many advanced classes to help with your college credits and the teachers are very serious for the success of the students.
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My high school experience was more than gracious and I enjoyed the very humble and aspiring teachers who had either taught and/or had an impact in my life.
I love the diversity at Independence. It has been a great four years of my life, and I appreciate the humble faculty and staff that are there.
I have only been to school at Independence so I have nothing to compare it too. I enjoy going to school there and I have lots of friends and good grades.
Independence was a good school the teachers really try there best to help you succeed but the classes can be crowded at times but others then that it was a good school.
Independence high was over all a good school with hard working teachers who help you mentally for your future but make sure sure to check up on their kids mental stability.
Independence high school isnt that bad of a school, average, the students are not bad and the teachers are decent, there's nice clubs for everyone at the school so everyone has their own clique.
Independence staff is always there making the best out of any situation, and that's what stuck with me. It always felt like the teachers had a tremendous amount of care for their students, and even much of the supporting faculty. The layout of the school might take a bit of getting used to, but it's surprisingly compact and is something you'll appreciate after a few years spent there.
Independence High School was a school that I thoroughly enjoyed attending for four years. The staff and teachers are encouraging individuals that motivate us students to succeed and be the best individuals that we can. The school does an amazing job to try to get their students involved with the various clubs and extracurricular activities that they provide. I've made numerous friends during my time enrolled and believe that their academics have properly prepared me as best as they can for college. The atmosphere at Independence is a warm and welcoming one that brings together students and teachers. Even through harsh times such as the deaths of our loved ones and friends we hold dearly, we know we can rely on other for comfort and support. Independence High School is more than just a school, but a community that I can go back to and be welcomed to.
My experience at Independence high school was amazing. I’ve personally developed a great relationship with teachers, students, and faculty from the 4 years spent here. On campus, everyone is friendly, you don’t need to worry about bullying or any type of harassment because everyone student is looking out for one another. Patriot pride makes the campus not only a place to learn, but a place where family is.
It was a very good experience and I just graduated!! It is one of the most family school. Everyone you meet at independence has some kind of a mark on you in a very positive manner. I highly recommend this school because the academic is amazing and the teacher is very supportive. Also,it's a very safe school.
While I attended Independence highschool I enjoyed the clubs they offered. However I disliked the way teachers began to not care about their students. Sad part of it is that the people working in the pace lab seem to care more than actual teachers.
In my experience, this school is very diverse and involves everybody no matter what. There is a strong connection with student to student and teachers with students. Furthermore, they have teachers who will help you to increase in your education and to become ready for college.
Independence is an incredible school that makes students a main priority. The staff are professional in handling any situations and they do their best to prevent any incidents from occurring. Independence is a school that one can always feel safe at and to feel that ones grades matter. One thing that could be change would be the funding, most sports get majority of the new funds and other classes or electives get none. It would be great to see an improvement in the auditorium systems and school supplies, for most teachers at Independence struggle to get a smart board.
It was a good school that provided a good education and loving environment. The staff was very nice and made me feel as if we were family.
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Independence High School creates a environment where students feel supported and safe. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. IHS makes everyone who comes in freshman year feel at home. It is very obvious that teachers and faculty genuinely want the students to succeed. They give their time and patience to provide a better education. Teachers always have their doors’ open to students no matter what. If you walk through the halls before and after school, you’ll see students in classrooms asking questions. One unique thing this school does is emphasize on keeping the campus clean. They make sure students keep it up and maintain a clean environment which is something that is incredibly important.
Independence is an school with amazing students and teachers. It is very welcoming and we really are a family. We always support each other and teachers always work with students to give them the most help they can give. Our clubs are also amazing as they welcome anybody and make you feel welcomed.
Overall, my experience here is very good. In some truth there are some flaws to the student body attitude in regards of education but the school is still a good place to attend. The teachers are well-rounded and truly appreciate hard work. The honors program we have is very good, the knowledge that I have gained from it is quite unique but still helpful.
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