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Great teachers, athletic and academic programs. Very diverse. Lots of opportunities to prepare for the future.
Independence High School encourages diversity and learning. It gets a little competitive and has some drama like any other American high school, but it is most likely one of the safest high schools in Texas with one of the most positive environments. The teachers, for the most part, love to connect with students on a personal level and teach to the student more than teaching to the test.
I liked my highschool because of the great teachers I got to have throughout my 4 years of being there. There was a few times where I did get annoyed with some of the new policies put in place. But, they always put our safety first.
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Independence did a great job preparing me for college. I was able to meet people from many different backgrounds and establish great bonds with teachers and coaches.
The staff and students are really joyful to be with, and the environment is fast paced and organized. I have been going here for 4 years, and every year just keeps getting better and better.
Independence high school was a great experience for me. I learned to grow within myself while going out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things. Through the many courses that I took at independence, I have expanded my knowledge and felt very produce at this school. Independence created many opportunities for me that I have very much appreciated. This school provides amazing academics, safety, opportunities, college readiness, as well as interactive activities like sports. Overall, this school was an eye opening experience and I am glad I went to Independence High School.
IHS is a great school. The counselors and AP’s really care about their students. Tutoring is available in all subject areas when you need help. The school spirit has grown over the last four years. The school is beautiful and has the most up to date technology. IHS offers a wide variety of organizations and activities for students to be a part of. The administration and staff frequently recognize students for their academic and community achievements. The staff at IHS continually works to improve the safety and security of the campus. The front office staff really care about every student. The campus encourages family involvement in extracurricular activities and events.
Independence High School has a great student community. Not only do we have countless clubs and organizations for all different types of interest but students also provide a competitive environment that inspires success in others. However, the faculty at IHS is lacking. Most teachers at our school lack the ability or focus to teach and students tend to rely on self-studying to pass their exams. Additionally, the administration at the school is very impartial and unfair to students and the counselors are not supportive.
Independence is a smaller school compared to others in the area. There are multiple options for electives and sports. I participate in choir and band.
I am a key member in National Honor Society, HOSA, Key Club, Girls Varsity Soccer Team manager and former player, and the Athletic Training Program. This school has a wide range of clubs and activities to offer to meet the wants and needs of every student on campus. 10/10 teachers, academic advisors, principals, and counselors. School has very positive energy and a safe environment. Has a lot of school spirit as well as tools and resources key to success for academic achievements of students. Located in a great area of Texas and has a lot to offer. This school is a very including and welcoming school Also helps all students in preparation for college with the use of AP Classes and SAT/ACT Prep Lessons within the school. A very successful school in regards to academic excellence.
The school is 4 years young so everyone was learning as they went. Also, because the school is still pretty new, it gives room to start traditions.
The staff wants the best for each student and cares for each individual students needs. Each student is known by name. One thing all of FISD should implement is finals. I have never take a final in my life and that is going to hit every Frisco ISD student hard when they get to college. The feeling of safety has been more present at Independence ever since we came up with new rules on opening doors and coming back into the building. After the Parkland shooting, a lot of positive changes were made at Independence in order to help all of the students feel much more safe. Overall IHS is a great school that I have enjoyed spending the past 3 years and can't wait to spend the next year of my life at.
Independence High School is so fulfilling. The teachers are always eager to help out. The environment is positive and great. The school offers many extra-curriculars and clubs, such as French Club, Writing Club, Art Club, and many others. It is easy to be engaged and active in a population like this one. The food is also good; there is a wide variety, even though the pizza is flatter now.
My school experience so far has been great. The students there are great and most teachers are experienced. I do believe there are some few teachers that can be unfair or rude at times. But other than those few people my learning experience has been great.
I like Indepencence because we get chances to take classes to help us figure out what we want to do once we leave high school.
I loved Independence High School due to the family like atmosphere within the the school. All the teachers and administration work together to make the school the best experience it can be for students. The teachers also work with the students to make the work load reasonable, but still challenging, ensuring that we are still prepared for the future, without overloading us with work and working with our schedules.
I was one of the first four year graduating seniors at this school. The faculty did a great job of bringing kids from 8 schools together into one four years ago.
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Independence has some great competition and very amazing minds. That being said, some teachers don't care much about providing the best possible education to students, and often do not give their greatest efforts in relaying relevant information to the students. Also, Frisco Independent School District has removed finals as a requirement, so it's not great for college preparation. The grading system makes it very easy to inflate your grades also. The lunch food is not the best (some of the meat looks very questionable), but there is a huge variety in the type of food available.
Moving to independence from a small town school was hard. There is so much diversity and different ethnic backgrounds. I love independence because they off so many courses to take , therefore no one is left with something that they would maybe even want to try
When Independence High School first opened I was a freshman. Therefore the school and I have grown together over these past four years. I think that overall Frisco ISD schools are great when it comes to academics. They offer a variety of AP courses as well as other programs such as ISM and Academic Decathlon that allow students to explore other areas of interest. However, I think that in order for the school to improve, it needs to fix the administration because I feel that the leadership at the school is somewhat lacking.
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