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It’s a kind of crazy school, but it you can make it through it. I would only recommend it if you just wat to get high school over with. I mean like if you got a strong head.
some of the teachers are just there for a paycheck but there are some really cool people there the school building is kinda old but thats about it
Independence High School has all of the necessary resources and opportunities required to give a student a successful, and memorable, high school experience! I have attended I-High for five years, (entering in the 8th) and by my sophomore year I was very involved in sports, the arts, and even scored very well on the ACT. If a student is determined to succeed, they will do very well at Independence High School.
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Although there is a lot of disagreements people have with my school, me personal I think its a pretty good school the kids are very supportive. One day we had a talent show and the step team was performing yes we did good but some parts of the show we definitely messed up me and the rest of the team was so embarrassed has we continued to dance the crowd just start cheering more and we gained our confidence and finished strong. Attending independence high school has been a great experience for me , they provide programs such as ALL THAT, Iwomen, and Clean up crew and guess what ? IM IN ALL!! the kids are amazing and the principle is too. He truly cares about all his students he stop in every class room everyday and say good morning to every student literally i'm not joking.
The classes here are very planned for college and the teachers go out of their ways to help the student and the principal is the best.
Teachers are very devoted to the students and their learning. the counselors are amazing with guiding you to pick out colleges and further careers. The principal is extremely knowledgeable and taking the time to know every student by name.
Independence High School has consistently been rated as one of the top academic schools in Ohio. IHS has great opportunities for student achievement due to the small personable classes, and the teacher interactions on a personal basis. One thing that should be added are more AP courses for students to take considering the percentage of students that take these advanced courses.
Independence high school was a big change for me, I moved to a big school from a small town school. The teachers was really nice to me, I found it hard to really make a connection with them.
regular not really something to be proud of honestly
there are many types of people
the school offers a nice variety of sports and clubs
I never had issues here. Wish I would have been more serious in this school. It doesnt matter where you go really. Its up to you whether you choose to act the same or be different,
Great teachers are slowly fading.
everything was just okay to me
The teachers need to care more, and discipline actions needs to reviewed.
If I could do it all over I would definitely choose this school again because I've made real progress in the time I've spent in Independence High School.
Independence is where is where I met friends that will be friends forever. I learned how to become a man from playing football and baseball at Independence, and also from the principal my senior year, Mr. Ernest West I had him as my principal in middle school and I was truly honored to have him as my principal when I graduated.
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I love school period and Independence gave me a chance to spread my wings and become more social
Food is average school food, not much variety
If i could choose a different school i would. Independence is not the school for me.
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