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The students and staff at Independence High are amazing. We are all a big family and everyone is there for each other. It was so easy to make and keep friends. The teachers are very considerate of the students and are always willing to support their students education.
IHS has always felt like a home to me, but unfortunately some people do not in force the rules and therefore some students are allowed to behave in a childish manner that reflects badly on the school.
The majority of teaching staff at my high school truly strive to individualize their teaching plans to benefit each of their students, as well as enforce their role as an educator to ensure that no student is ever left behind.

However, the teachers at Independence are given a minimum budget of $200.00 for supplies. This is especially negative for science and arts teachers, because lab and art supplies are often expensive, not reusable, and quickly depleted. Our teachers are severely underpaid and underappreciated.

Rarely is it taken into account the perishable items used in science labs, or the quickly depleted tubs of glue in art classes. Because of this, the measly budget granted to our teachers is fleeting, leaving teachers to resort to spending their personal funds to replace supplies. It has also come to my attention that our school in its entirety is devastatingly underfunded. This is evident in the unbalanced, cheap meals we are given.
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Something I loved about Independence was the family-friendly environment. The staff here makes us all feel safe, and helps us in times of trouble. They will do everything possible to help the students be successful, and grow in life. They personally care about our well-being.
Overall o have had I very good experience. Of coarse just like every one else I have had my ups and through out school. But have found that independence is a very good and an excellent place to go to school at and attend high school
I liked the class sizes but would like to see more college preparedness courses and AP class offerings.
Very good school, very well rounded teachers. Multiple sports that are great to get into, not very many clubs, but the ones that are there are good. A rather small school, in the middle; not tiny, but not huge, big; average
I went to Independence High School and graduated in 2016. I really never had a bad teacher there and some teachers honestly were the best out there. Like Mr. Goode who is now retired and Mr. Miller who I believe is still teaching there. The staff is wonderful besides the bathrooms which were not there fault it was always clean and we had a very actively involved with the student's principle in Mr. Henry.
My Name is Rachel Lawson and my overall experience of Independence High School was over all a pleasant experience because the kids of Independence High School were very nice and excited to learn all the material that they were give and dedicated to learning and trying to better there future. The teachers there were very nice and tried to teach each child with the attention they need and understood that some children learn different from other students. they even had councilor there during the school day to help the student with class scheduling and there with any other problem that the student might have Overall it is a great place to send a student to go and learn.
Independence High School is very student focused. The teachers and administration really care about their students and want to see them do their best and succeed in their academic careers.
Independence to me was a good school. They taught us a huge list of several different necessities we needed to know for the real world. Overall for me, I received a wonderful education from independence.
Independence High School for me was rather dencent. Being a 12th grader, I have been there for 4 years. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. They will help you in anyway possible. We are located in Coal City WV and are often passed up. Although the bathrooms are not the best, or the food is not the most delicious on the planet. I do enjoy attending this school. We all thrive to achieve our best goals. Our Princapal is so great. He treats us as equals, nobody gets by with other things, it is as if we are all his kids. Everyone in the office will help you to the best of their ability.
I personally feel that we have one of the best schools in Raleigh county. This school has some of the best teachers in the whole state. They offer a safe and friendly environment and see to it that each student receives the help and attention they deserve. Our principal, Mr. John Henry is one of the best. He is always involved in student life and makes sure that we have everything we need when it comes to our academic, arts, music, and sports programs. We have a wonderful school and I am proud to have spent my high school career here at Independence High School.
I have enjoyed my high school career at Independence High School all four years. I have grown up with my fellow peers and been accepted by everyone. My teachers make class fun and teach with different outlooks on life. It is a great environment and has been a fun place to be.
We have a lot of athletic and band participation other than that, not many clubs.
The parents are all different. Some are involved and great some not so much.
Our teachers are unfair to the students. They don't use real life scenarios.
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Cameras all around the school
There's a lot of different options to choose from or you can join them all.
Our principle is amazing! He has made my senior year the best year I've ever had at any school. He knows his students names and faces and goes out of his way to help everyone.
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