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My teachers were supportive and wanted to see me succeed. There are many resources for and about college open to students of all grades. There are many club options for anyone wanting to join something.
I would like to see more involvement from the guidance counselors as far as making contact with the student. We need more guidance for preparing for college.
I loved attending Independence, I felt as though my teachers really took an interest in me and wanted me to reach my fullest potential. I believe the school gets an unnecessarily bad rap due to the socio-economic status of the students that go there, which is not the fault of the school itself, but the state's. There are things it could improve upon, such as food and cleanliness and general safety, but I never felt unsafe there health wise or physically. I graduated in 2014, and from what I've heard, it is definitely getting better.
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My experience at Indy was quite unexpecting and surreal. In the beginning of the year, I seriously wanted to drop out. First semester wasnt the worst, but I didnt really love it either. Second semester was the best. My schedule was changed (for the third time) and I got put into theater. I did not want to be there at all. I have anxiety and I hate speaking in front of other people. Who knew that class would have ended up being my favorite. I made a close friend there and a few others too. That class made me a more extroverted person. It became easier for me to speak in front of others and I was more confident as well. That may have only been my first year in high school but its going to be one of my four most memorable years of my life.
I liked that my freshman year at Independence high school was academically enriching and also exciting.
I liked that most of the teachers genuinely care about their students. Not only do they care about the grades but how the student is doing .
Independence also known as “Indy” is a school with good academics as it’s a school that has been awarded with the most improved district growth in Charlotte- Mecklenburg schools (CMS). A school with good athletics that will be worth coming to attend as we have multiple teams who won conference championships and just this pass year , 2018 , the schools variety basketball teams won the NCHSAA 4A state championship in addition to being outright conference champs and conference tournament champs. Indy is one the most diverse schools if not the most diverse school in CMS. So, there’s definitely someone for everyone. Even students who consider themselves OutKasts. Indy has multiple clubs and organizations to join that will prepare you and help you grow even after your time as a patriot is done. Like any school Indy does come with flaws but it’s not a school you’ll be absolutely miserable at.
There are multiple clubs and school teams . I have meet many friends who are going to in my life forever and also met teachers who helped me find out what i want to pursue in life. I originally went to a small school through 9 and 10 grade and so going to a bigger school was quite scary but in only a few weeks i felt right at home just like my old school. And met people who have changed me and have influenced my life for the better. They made me think about my future and what I wanted to do.
A few things i like about my school is my teachers, they are good at explaining the concepts, they have good opportunities and reach out to students, and my school has a good and safe environment.

Lunch is great but it is kind of bland. I get that all the schools share the same menu and im glad their expanding, but it would be nice to have more vegeterian options.
Independence High school can be a really great depending on you and how much you participate. If you get involved you'll enjoy your time there because Independence has a lot of fun activities and events. There are many clubs to join, and you can even create your own club. Some teachers and staff were very helpful with helping students find the right college for them and setting up college tours. Football and basketball seasons were the best! There was so much school spirit for our football and basketball team! Some pep rallys were really fun and it always got the students excited for the game. Other pep rallys were honestly boring, I think the school can improve on that by just thinking about what the students would enjoy and what would get them excited.
I really liked Independence because of the teachers there. I had really great teachers that had helped me throughout high school. I wish there would be more student involvement and some of the bathrooms are not pleasant.
I liked how challenging the school was. Some teachers actually showed they cared about you. The kids there are actually nice and supportive regardless of race or ethnicity. There are many resources for help and tutor sessions teachers give are really encouraging.
This school is not the one anyone should attend. With the campus being filthy and trash-ridden it's disgusting. Not to mention the students. They are not the ones you would want your child around. They have nasty attitudes, horrid language and no respect for others or themselves. Some teachers have given up and let the students run wild. You would be lucky to find a teacher that hasn't. Not a recommended high school.
Independence High School offers programs that cater to students interests such as AOE and AIS. The school also offers numerous AP classes that will help prepare students for college.
Independence is a wonderful school with very welcoming people and a staff that really cares about its students. Its easy to find a place where you feel you belong there. It would only be better if it had more school spirit and the students there cared more about their own academic careers.
Independence High School has the best school spirit of any high school around! We come together as a big family and support all of our athletic programs. People are genuinely nice to each other and respect each other's differences.
My school is okay. The faulty and staffs are nice. The people are helpful. I would like to see a change in the overall school regulations. Independence is very strict.
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Overall a good school. Some same changes could be made starting with the food served in cafeteria. We need a boarder variety of meals. Better tasting school milk. Well cooks meats that don't taste soggy. Changes need to be made to the dress code. Seems to be bias and goes after the female populations and targets certain body types. For example if a small petite girl is wearing short athletic shorts she won't get called out for dress code. But if a girls is a little bit taller or on the bigger weight size than the smaller petite girl she will be dress coded for it. Also girls shouldn't be dress coded for their shoulders and or bra strap peeking out. Then be told to cover it up because the male population will be distracted from their education. We need to educate the male population to keep their eyes, thoughts and comments to themselves and learn to respect the female population for what the lady so chooses to wear.
I like that Independence High School is very diverse. I would like to see more student and parent involvement.
Overall, Independence has some great teachers and a variety of clubs and sports are offered. However, school spirit is very low and the school needs some major maintenance/renovation.
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