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The school has really great staff. The teachers are there to help anyone with stuff going on or around the school. People are pretty much friendly I mean it’s high school.
Independence High School is a great school to go to. The teachers there are amazing people who make you feel welcome and genuinely care for your academic growth. There are no gangs or factions in the school and all of the facilities are generally new. The security at the school is excellent. There are a plethora of clubs and and the quality of care for sports is great. It's a great school to go to.
Two of my daughters graduated from IHS... one in 2018 and one in 2014. I’m very pleased with the college prep they received at Indeprndence. One is a senior at Willamette University and one is a Freshman at CSUCI, both majoring in Biology. They were both actively involved in band/drumline, as well as Academy. Many thanks to the faculty for assisting in preparing my girls for their future!
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Independence High School is an amazing school. I have felt welcomed and I have got involved with clubs and the swim team. When I walk on to campus I feel safe and that means a lot to me. I don’t think the school should change anything about it. They are really involved with the students and they want the best for them.
Independence is a great school with great teachers who care about their students. They have a diverse group of students on campus. Academically, Independence offers a lot of programs that help students grow and learn new and exciting things. They offer programs like AVID to help students prepare for college. There are many diverse clubs and activities offered on campus. For those who enjoy playing sports, Independence offers an array of sports such as football, basketball, swimming, tennis, track, cross country, softball, and volleyball.
Opened in 2008, this school is fairly new to the district, though it may not have consistently stellar sports teams, the environment is friendly, the teachers are AMAZING and there are a ton of ways to get involved, such as the Energy & Utilities Career Academy, Student Government or National Honors Society. From other friends at high school's nearby, I learned that the friendly environment and cohesive culture is not something that is present at all other high schools, it's pretty unique to our campus, I would highly recommend coming here, the teachers will help you get to where you want to be, offer tons of ways to prepare for college, but is not so hyper-focused on academics where you feel overwhelming pressure to succeed.
Staff and security guards do a lot "favoritism". Almost everyone there is a snake. Security guards will take away your phone and hat even while you're putting it away. Not every Honor society gets a cord, although they should. Counselors will only talk to the top 10 students of each of their class and don't help the others.
This is a great High school. Having attended all four years I appreciated how supportive the staff was. Some teachers would go above and beyond for their students, just to see the succeed. There was not much school spirit but there wss many resources for students, including getting prepared for college.
The faculty that I had was very well-read and interesting. The best part of any school is the staff and professors, and I believe IHS was a good match for me. I still keep in touch and am encouraged by my previous teachers. The facilities at the university are brand new (it was opened in 2008) and the events held at IHS are fun. I am very proud to have been a falcon and I hope other future high school students can be lucky enough to go to a school like Independence. I wish our campus had been an open campus and that it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere, but beyond that, I have no other complaints!
The teachers are very kind to their students and wish they obtain happiness with the desicions they choose to partake in. You also have thousands of opportunities to choose from by having numerous of options to choose from the clubs you'd like to join.
Independence High School is a great school for any incoming freshman or transfers from another high school. It boasts a wonderful faculty and staff that are willing to help you with anything. If you have any questions or needs, most likely someone is there willing to help you. All the teachers are well qualified, and the courses help you prepare for college. Everyone treats each other as family. Overall, it is an excellent school.
The teachers and staff were great and I was informed well through out my years at this school. I never failed a class. If you ever need help deciding your future, the teachers at this school will help guide you. They were awesome and answered all of my questions!
Independence High School is a wonderful High School where I had the chance to meet the greatest students ever. The teachers were also great too. And there are also fun events.
The science department of this school offers amazing tips and college advice if you spend the time to listen to them.
Independence high school is extremely diverse and the teachers care to be more than teachers to you.
I really appreciate the courses offered at his school, and the teachers are quite exceptional. I love the atmosphere among the students who are very supportive and friendly. However, there is a lack of school spirit within the student body and very little to none parental involvement in anything. Overall, the school is very enjoyable and provides beneficiary courses that prepare students for college.
I liked some of the teachers. They were great and made it easy to ask questions. There isn’t much school spirit though. I also didn’t like the counseling.
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I didn't do anything in high school. I was in the Key Club my freshman year but it was disbanded after the seniors who ran the club graduated. So really, I had a generic high school experience. But hey, if I was able to have a good time while simultaneously doing nothing, Independence High School truly was a great school.
Independence High School is a diverse, and unique school. This high school is dedicated to ensuring the students receive the greatest high school experience, are genuine, make sure they're doing well in there academics, and allowing and making sure the students are highly involved in school activities. Independence is an amazing school, and prepares their students for college very well.
Its a great school, with great opportunities and it honestly has some great teachers. Its has great sports and a good music program. The clubs are great and there is tons to do.
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