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Independence High School has helped me tremendously. Coming to this school has made me graduate a year early. The teachers and facilities are amazing, they care about my education and make sure I succeed. Since there are smaller classes I can finally have one to one conversation with my teacher. The one thing I love about this school is that everyone who comes to this school is only focus about graduating. Unlike other schools, all they care about is Football games, Soccer games... etc.
Independence High School is a credit recovery school. It is not your average high school. At this school I was able to move towards earning the credits that I missed at my home school which was Roswell High School. Independence High School is a great school. The teachers at this school are very helpful and assuring. They had help sessions and let you retake tests that you did not do well on. The classes are easy to keep up with and the work load is not much at all. My experience at Independence high school prepared me for the real world because they did not offer school buses as an option for transportation. You had to take public transportation, have a parent drive you or drive yourself. I had to rely on public transportation which had its pros and cons. Even though our school did not any team sports, we did have clubs and great school spirit. I was apart of the Key Club. I had a phenomenal time at this school.
Great resources found all over the school.
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The school works very hard to keep drug and alcohol use to a minimum.
Attending Independence High School is the best decision that I have ever made. I thank the teachers and administration for all that they do to encourage success in their students.
Independence has a 3-absence policy and a 5-tardy policy. If you go above 3 absences or above 6 tardies, you will be dropped.
Wonderful P.E. program dedicated to serving students needs in a short period of time.
The teachers go above and beyond when it comes to making sure that a student succeeds. The teachers are willing to help any and every struggling student.
Since Independence is an alternative school, too many kids flow in and out of it, defeating the purpose of having any true extracurricular activities.
The administrators at the school are firm but fair. There are strict attendance and tardy rules in place to ensure that students come to school. Bullying, Fighting, etc. are not tolerated. It's a school of choice so students can be kicked out if they don't follow the rules.
This school offers courses needed to graduate from high school. There are limited options for World Language and Fine Arts.
As an alternative school, there are a few programs in place. There is an on campus daycare for the teen parents. They participate in the parenting program. There is Stand Up For Kids for students who are identified homeless and need support. There are mentors for students who need additional support.
As a non-traditional/alternative school, the focus is academics. There is one club, the Interact club which focuses on community service projects. It is very active within the school and community.
Independence High School is a great school. The faculty and staff are amazing. It's small size allows teachers to give one on one attention to students when needed. The administration is firm but fair.
Teachers are very supportive and are willing to go the extra mile to help me to succeed in class.
It's an alternative/non-traditional high school
Food Services is typical of all schools.
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They have gym class, but that's it.
It's an alternative school, so there were no extracurriculars.
The administration was good. They were strict when it came to the rules, especially dress code violations.
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