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Really great school for those who want to graduate early, or if you don't care for traditional high school. There are not many students and not many teachers, but every class is one on one except for electives. PE is down at the park past Roseville high, it is alright to walk to but isn't the greatest area to be walking. The students are very private and not too open to adding new people to friend groups. Overall I would recommend to anyone who can be self motivated, just make sure you are on top of your work and timeline. When I attended two years ago the academic counsellor was not the most organized and easily forgot students information or who they were.
I like how it’s one on one instruction and the teachers listen to the students. The environment in the school is great and I have not witnessed one kid being bullied or one bullying. It’s overall a great school to be at. I suggest looking into Independence high as a viable option to get around tough schedules or anything else you may be experiencing.
Independence requires everyone (staff and students included) to sign in when entering the school. Safety is a huge part of the school's focus. I have never witnessed bullying, violent behavior, or anything that could cause harm to someone or themselves. The police of the city sometimes patrol the area around Independence and the neighboring high school. Unfortunately, we do not have a school nurse, but if someone is feeling ill a staff member will call their parents and wait with the student until they are picked up.
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I would choose to go to this school again in a heartbeat. Not only am I able to graduate one year early and start college at 16, but the teachers were there for me through this difficult process. There were times I was stressed out over ACT scores, college applications, and having to finish two years of high school in one; they helped me through this time by helping me with a schedule and giving recommendations about what units of different classes I should complete per week. Everyone is so kind and wants to give the best experience to students possible. Coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
All of the staff take part in helping the students succeed as much as possible and keeping the environment safe and happy. In my time here I have never seen anyone getting bullied; most people that attend Independence are extremely kind and other keep to themselves. Attendance becomes a serious issue when students are not contacting their teachers or doing the homework they have been assigned. Teachers are always in contact with their students so it has yet to be a serious issue. Everyone is supportive, understanding, and wanting students to get the best education possible.
The teachers at Independence are amazing. All of them, even the ones who I have not and will not have, are always kind to me and there if I need someone to talk to or need help with an assignment. They are interested in the students personal lives and want to make sure they are healthy and happy; they are also always there for students regardless of any given situation.
At Independence there is a Student Government class, a Yearbook class, and we are in the process of making clubs that the students would enjoy. We are creating a feminism club, reading club, dance, club, and possibly a Model UN. All of the students are committed to the clubs and activities they are in and do what they can to help. For Student Government, we have volunteer events that coincide with the pages of our first yearbook.
It's a vending machine in the hallway.
I have never seen an issue with it.
I was an independent study school so there wasn't an issue with other students because you didn't have classes with them and had no need to talk to them.
Its a continuation school so their facilities are not as a typical high school would be.
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