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Independence Charter School Reviews

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Independence Charter School is one of the best schools I ever went to. I was apart of the Spanish immersion program there from kindergarten to eighth grade and I enjoyed it every year. It's so diverse and the classes were a great size. The school is so nice and welcoming. Independence Charter School made my middle school experience the best I ever had. Wish I could go back and do it all over again.
Safety is very important at Independence Charter School
The extracurricular opportunities at Independence Charter School is are great they have different programs that each student can join and love.
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What makes this school unique is the community. When you go to this school you feel safe and secure like your with family. The kids there get good education skills as well as extra skills that they might need in the future.
Independence Charter School Teachers are excellent. They take the time out to connect and interact with every student. They teach their students well while also learning from the students.
Kids really only get involved with club organizations.
The schools curriculum is basically created around diversity. We delve into cultures on a constant basis
We didn't have an actual gym when I went there, Was more like an open room used for physical movement.
Bullying especially is not tolerated especially when I was there. You'd get in trouble so quick!
I had a great 9 years at the school. Experiences especially with different cultures helped me become a well rounded citizen of the world
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