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Independence Alternate High School Reviews

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Independence is one of the best schools for kids who are troubling with school. It is also a great school if one would want to graduate early. This school is a great school to earn the credits you need. It also has a great teacher to student ratio for students who need more teacher help time.
The food isn't very good. I almost always had something on my plate that I wouldn't eat and that is really out of the ordinary for me. I used to bring food with me because I really disliked our lunches.
Bullying hardly ever happens at Independence. Everyone is very nice and accepting. It is a wonderful environment to learn. We have a police officer who is there most of the time just for safety reasons. We don't have a school nurse but our health teacher is very knowledgeable.
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The athletic program at our school is alright, there could be improvement. But our Physical Education teacher definitely works with the limited resources that he has! He has helped teach the students to do yoga, he takes them for walks/runs around the school building, we incorporate basketball, football, and volleyball into our exercise and it is a lot of fun.
I am crazy about my high school. They are so nice and accepting of everyone. They are willing to work with you and help you in any way possible. Before I went to them I struggled in school and didn't do very well because I didn't believe in myself. But they really push you and encourage you every single day. I often go back and visit because I love all of the students, teachers, and staff so much!
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