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Over all I really enjoy going to Incline High School. I believe that the connectivity of the school is greatly lacking as well as the facilities. we need more money to do updates around campus and fund our extra curricular activities.
Incline High School is a small school in the mountains that has a culture of its own. This school is highly academic based while pretty social based as well. The academics here are incredible compared to other schools in the area. The teachers are always willing to help and readily maintain a positive attitude throughout the year. If I need help with any of my classes, I am never afraid to come after school or during lunch for help. In terms of the social aspect, there are many cliques and as a new student, it is difficult to make friends and find a good group of people to hang out with. Sure they are nice and inviting at first, but the girls here can be harsh. With so little students in each grade (around 70), drama and judgment is, unfortunately, prevalent. Overall though, I would rate this school above all of the others in the area.
Great place to have close relationships with teachers! However, the class offerings are very limited.
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Our sport teams are among he best in Nevada, we are constantly winning state titles in several sports. However no one goes to the "clubs" our school has to offer.
Basketball is by far the largest supported sport at our school; everyone attends boys varsity basketball games. Hardly anyone knows about any other sport. Many students are involved in multiple sports. Last year we redid our weight room and got an actual track so that's improved a lot! We also have a rifle team and shooting range. We don't have our own baseball or softball fields or pools but we use the community ones, which are all very nice.
Some of our teachers are outstanding, a couple stand out in my mind. All of the teachers know what they're talking about and are available for at least an hour after school, at lunch, and before school for help if needed.

All of the teachers are individuals and teach in their own style. This does cause a difference in grading, some weigh homework heavier than tests and some are the exact opposite, but each of them maintain their method throughout the year.
We have a lot of clubs! There's Key Club, BuildOn, Spirit Club, Film Club, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honors Society, French Club, Book Club, Mi Cultura; additionally we have Leadership and JROTC. Each of the clubs have to have an administrator who leads us, so everyone does have faculty involvement. The biggest clubs are probably Film Club, National Honors Society, and Key Club. Film Club puts together weekly announcements in a news-broadcast format. NHS is a community service club that has been becoming more involved in the community, and less of a car wash/bake sale cliché. Key Club is a phenomenal community service club, we package boxes for soldiers, raise money for the Relay for Life, run our own Haunted House and food drive, make microloans to, run Easter Egg Hunts, package boxes for Operation Christmas Child and anything else member wish to do!
To anyone who visits our school it's probably extremely obvious that there is a very distinct divide. About half or our school is Hispanic, and the other half is Caucasian. Within the two groups, everyone is accepted and has fun, but there is no bridge between the two--for the most part. We definitely have cliques but everyone is extremely outgoing, fun, and friendly.
I think we have the old-school standards still. The basic pizza or taco option is standard. You can generally get salads, their cookies are very popular. I don't think they accommodate any others...
Recently dress code has become a very prominent issue, we have had mandatory seminars that all students attended and we often do get "dress coded." At that point they just mark it under citizenship at the office and they have you change into gym clothes that they provide you with.

The tardy policy is very strict. You get warnings for the first three unexcused-tardies. After that they are detentions. The first is 15-minutes, the second 30-minutes, the third 45-minutes, and so on and so forth. If you do not serve your detention (which can be done in the cafeteria at lunch or at nutrition) the time simply accrues until your senior year when you cannot graduate until you serve all of your time.
The school recently added on a stairwell that is on the outer wing of the school and it is surrounded by a wall of glass that overlooks our field so that's pretty awesome. Our main building is brick, but hey, that's timeless, right?

We have computers available everywhere! (Library, career center, computer lab, individual teachers' rooms) and they're almost always available.

We only have one counselor so she is constantly underwater with all of her work, but our bookkeeper and office staff are amazing and super capable so they help out a lot!

We do have after-school tutoring offered from social studies, English, math, and science department teachers, I have personally never attended but I understand they are very helpful.

We have a Boosters Club that is filled with parents, they are incredible and fundraise so much! They have donated so much money to the school and individual programs. However, about half of the parents at Incline are super involved and hands-on and helpful, and the other half have no idea and don't expect their children to attend college so it's and interesting conundrum.
The school is extremely small, we have 9th-12th grade and just a little over 300 students. So like all small populations, it has it's positives and negatives. Positively, everybody knows everybody, we all care about each other and make the most of every day we have together, even our 15-minute nutrition breaks are fun. Negatively, everyone is in everyone else's business which can sometimes be a pain. Most of our school his academically accelerated so we have a surprisingly wide variety of AP's for such a small student population. We're unique because our teachers sometimes take us for a half-mile walk to the beach and we sit and look at Lake Tahoe. We're unique because every student is involved in multiple sports, multiple clubs, and multiple Honors/AP Classes. We're unique because we have an ROTC program that is ranked in the top 5% of the nation. We're unique because we all try hard to be the best, and it makes us the best.
It's gotten better the last couple of years. We got a new school police officer who is fantastic and is really starting to crack down on that sort of stuff. Most of the stuff that happens is a group of 30-50 kids partying on the weekends and it's not a big deal because they don't bring it into the school. E-cigarettes have really started taking off recently but the drug problem is being taken care of now.
We have some of the most amazing teachers! It's a lot of work, but it's not unmanageable. They manage to make the most grueling of subjects fun and interesting. Classes are seldom boring and keep you on your toes, you're never quite sure what's going to happen or what you're going to learn!
Some teachers are great and really care about the students. Most come in early and stay after school for tutoring.
The floors separate the diversity. The third floor is the typical Caucasians and the second floor is the majority of the latinos; self segregation is very prevalent.
I'm not sure, I go off campus to avoid the cafeteria food.
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The councilor is awful. She has no idea what she id doing when it comes to the college application process. The best hope you have is having an older sibling who has gone through the process or knowing someone who has.
We are known to for having a large amount of AP classes in relationship to our size.
It's a small school so you build life long friendships and learn how to deal with the pointless drama while winning State Championships in sports!
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