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I am a junior at Incarnate Word H.S and so far I am not enjoying my experience. I do not like the environment because this school is very cliquish and everyone is in a bad mood most of the time. They are very strict on small things. For example, if you attempt to attend a different lunch you get multiple demerits. Also, almost all of us pay 10,000 dollars to attend here but we never see where are money is going, this school still looks like it was built in the early 1900s
School definitely prepares you for college and I like the modular system. However, it does not offer nearly enough elective choices.
I am a graduate of IWHS (1971). I got an excellent education and made life long friends. Even though we graduated over 47 years ago, we are all still friends to this day and see each other regularly. I understand it is sometimes very difficult to rationalize paying such a high tuition for a high school education to your daughters, but the cost is the best investment you will ever make for a superb education for your daughter.
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I loved going to school here!! The schedule is a unique part of the experience that taught me amazing time management skills. When I got to college I didn't have the issues with figuring out how to schedule myself to get everything done. The teachers were all very helpful and made sure if we wanted to learn we had every opportunity too. The Glee Club and Madrigals was definitely one of my favorite activities!!
The academics at the school, the class schedule, and the environment prepares the girls for college. The schedule requires the girls to manage their time and holds them accountable for studying on their own and completing assignments and projects. The school promotes group activities and participation in athletic team sports. I would highly recommend the school for any high school female student wanting to prepare for college.
I love the school. it’s a decent sized campus and the faculty wants to see you succeed and will do whatever possible to get you there. The students are all very competitive and the environment lets every student be who they really are and not be afraid of acception. There really is something for everyone.
I absolutely love the modular system! It helps the students so much with time management. Past students have told me the college was so much easier to go through because they knew how to time manage.
such an amazing school, I would recommend this university to everyone. This university has such an amazing vibe, everyone is so nice, and everyone that works at this university are so helpful.
Incarnate is a very wonderful school there all about becoming a great person and growing to be a better one one thing i loved about the school is the class rooms are not that big so thats means there's 400 kids in one class and i love that.
I loved my time at Incarnate Word High School. The Shamrock family is such a close knit group that I am so grateful I was able to be a part of. Not only is the community at Incarnate Word High School amazing, but I was more prepared than I was expecting to be for college. I am so grateful that this school had prepared me so well in regards to academics and time management for my future college years.
Incarnate Word High School is a great place to have your young daughter develop leadership skills, get the best education and also learn many new things. It has a variety of clubs and sports that I am sure your daughter will fit right in. There is a sense of sisterhood and love every time in the environment. It has a modular schedule that is similar to the future that awaits, the University or College.
I like most of all the schedule, the modular schedule allows for us to have available time to finish work so we may get ahead studying at home. The environment is very competitive which is also in preparation for college.
The most important thing Incarnate Word High School did for me was that it taught me the importance of independence. Based off its mod schedule, students are taught time management, responsibility, and mainly independence. During our open mods, students can visit with teachers, visit peer tutors, and even go to the library to get their work completed. Aside from its academics, Incarnate Word provides a positive female environment. It does not show it's students how to become feminists, but it builds the confident energy in its all female school.
I loved the four years I have been at Incarnate Word. Many of my friends seem to complain and of course there may be flaws about the school but I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.
It is a college prep school, with good academics and athletics. The admin needs help with hiring better teachers.
Incarnate Word is a very rigorous school. Young women are challenged academically. The students are exposed to a college style schedule where they must be organized with their time. Sports and extra curricular activities are encouraged. Graduates come out well-rounded.
IWHS was an excellent experience for me! From the top notch faculty to the countless resources to prepare me for college and beyond, the tuition was worth it!
Recent graduate, so I'm not sure how things have changed, but I received an excellent education from Incarnate Word. The academics are the best in the city and I was lucky to have excellent teachers as well.
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Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Incarnate Word High School. Over the course of four years, I have been granted many opportunities that allowed me to be a successful high school student. I know my memories and friendships from Incarnate Word will stay with my forever. I am more than prepared for college next year because Incarnate Word has instilled in me a love of learning.
I am a current senior at IWHS. Attending this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The smaller class sizes have allowed me to become familiar with my peers, and get one on one help from my teachers. This, along with the modular schedule, has helped me prepare for college, by giving me the skill of time-management.
overall the academics are challenging, but the administration is ridiculous. We have teachers who don't bother teaching and the principle herself is clueless. We've had cases of drugs, vandalism, and bullying but nothing was done.
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