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I really loved my experience at Incarnate Word Academy. Besides the obvious advantages of the college preparatory environment, modular schedule, and advanced college credit courses, I thrived tremendously because of the inclusivity of the students. Everyone made me feel welcomed at all times and that I was a part of a family. The teachers have always made me feel comfortable to talk to them about anything and everything. Some of my teachers are closer to me than even my parents are. I loved learning not only in the classroom but from the different experiences of my peers because of how diverse the school was. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and learned many things about the world and social justice issues in our society. After attending Incarnate Word Academy, I feel ready to take on the world.
The teachers are all very help and supportive when it comes to academics. The people at the school are great. I’ve met some amazing people there and made some friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I think the teachers really have a positive impact on the students.
Incarnate Word has been incredible at preparing me for college. With its modular schedule and challenging curriculum, i feel I can confidently walk into any college and be comfortable with speaking to professors, seeking out resources and being involved in every level of my education.
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Incarnate Word Academy provided a second home to me for the past four years. The girls I acquainted, the knowledge I acquired, and the leadership experience and opportunities I gained were incredible and life changing. The academics were superlative and challenged me to think outside the box and in ways I had not before. The school spirit, cheers, and traditions were incredible and added to the uniqueness of the school. Overall, my experience was definitely one I’d do over again if I could.
Incarnate Word Academy offers each student an opportunity to excel in leadership, academics, athletics, and whatever else she is interested in. The school lives off of tradition, such as the school song, the class rings, and most of all, the school spirit.
I am a 2016 graduate from the Academy. I had a wonderful experience as a student athlete. I love all of the traditions including spirit week, mission week, and beach bash. I would highly recommend Incarnate Word Academy to any young lady.
Incarnate Word Academy is an amazing school with opportunities you can’t get at very many other places. The modular schedule makes IWA unique, and makes students even more prepared for college because it teaches us how to manage our time. The teachers truly care about our success and well-being, the food is amazing, and IWA is known for excellence in athletics as well as academics. In addition to that, there is a family atmosphere in the school and a level of tradition that you just won’t find anywhere else. IWA has truly become my home away from home and I absolutely love it there!
Incarnate Word Academy is a school that puts up many fronts. It seems as if it is a school that promotes equality and an inclusive environment, but in actuality, it is the complete opposite. They brush serious issues under the rug and do not address bullying. I am fortunate that I am not attending anymore. Other than that, it is more fun than a typical high-school and offers a good curriculum to effectively prepare students for college. In my first year at a 4-year university, I maintain a 3.7 and I can give Incarnate the credit for that.
This school prepared me immensely for college life. The schedule and intensity of the classes made the transition so much easier. The school spirit is contagious and I would recommend this school to any girl!
Incarnate Word Academy is amazing. The atmosphere is family like and everyone is connected. The community is supportive and there are opportunities for all to be involved.
Almost everyone that I know who went to Incarnate Word Academy still speaks about their experience with nothing but highest regard. When I meet someone who went there I usually already know they did just because of the type of person they are, typically light-hearted, easy to talk to, and intelligent. Incarnate prepares their students for college not only academically, but also socially. The diversity at this private school is unmatched by any other private high school in St. Louis.
Incarnate has helped me academically and personally become the best student and young woman I can be. They are supportive and help me learn based on how I learn best, not how they teach best. It's very student focused at Incarnate.
Incarnate Word Academy is an incredible school that is all encompassing of teaching girls to make a positive impact on our world and be a woman of the word. IWA is a place that will forever be a home of outstanding education and forever friendships.
I loved my four years at Incarnate Word Academy. They provided me with ample opportunities to grow in my academics and faith. I learned a lot in all subjects. The modular schedule was one of my favorite things about Incarnate, it taught me really great time management. I also loved the abundance of honors classes. I was able to enter college as an academic sophomore because of all the AP and dual enrollment credits I brought in.
Incarnate Word Academy is one of those schools where the opportunities are endless. You can play a wide number of sports, join various clubs, perform on or off stage, and you're given so many academic opportunities that really prepare you for college. Incarnate really feels like a family because we learn through out the four years to really put each other first in our lives. Incarnate has taught me how to form healthy and life long friendships that I will have forever.
My favorite thing about Incarnate was the school spirit. Many sporting events and other school functions were exciting to attend because everyone was so proud of the school. I enjoyed many of my classes, especially the art-related ones. The teachers were helpful 9 times out of 10 and with the modular schedule, I felt totally prepared for college. I would like to see a change in the expectations for the academia at the school. We could set higher standards not only from students, but teachers as well, in hopes that we would be challenged in the classroom in order to prepare for college-level courses.
Incarnate is an amazing place for girls to thrive as successful, independent, and empowered women in the world. Incarnate was my first choice personally and has been an amazing experience for me to learn and grow. The teachers and administration are there to see the girls succeed and help them along their journey into young adulthood.
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Incarnate has been one of the best experience I could ask for! Incarnate helps you prepare for college because we have a unique schedule and campus that mirrors a college. All of the teachers are there to help you succeed and there are many ways to get involved and there are many leadership opportunities!
I love the faculty at my school. I feel they have our best interest at heart. they really challenge us and are always available for assistance. I feel the modular schedule will really prepare me for college and will help me in time management.
I've attended Incarnate Word Academy for two years now. Incarnate Word is a very good school that prepare students for college and real life situations, whether it's academically or socially. For instance, Incarnate Word Academy takes time out of a regular school day to get the students involved with retreats to teach awareness and making wise decisions. In addition to this, Incarnate Word is known for their extracurricular activities, such as sports and theater activities. Incarnate Word mission is to not just be known for academics and extracurricular, but their also known for their God given potential to get girls like me to connect and have a solid firm relationship with God. Honestly, I won't say Incarnate Word is perfect because I've experienced ups and downs, but I know it helps to prepare for adulthood.
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