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I have really enjoyed my teachers and friends made at IWA. The academics are challenging at times, but we have a great support system. These experiences are ones that are unique to Incarnate Word.
IWA is a great school. We have loved it since the beginning. They teach values that help the students grow not just in academics but also spiritually. The teachers strive for the success of the students and give them opportunities to grow in their leadership skills.
IWA is a school where girls thrive because of the academic rigor, the spirituality, and the values that are the mission of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word.
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Incarnate Word Academy has been my home away from home for the past four years and I couldn’t have asked for better. As a non-catholic student from a large public school, the thought of attending such a different environment was scary at first, but the things that make this school so special have helped me grow so much. I have learned to think critically about religion and to question what I believe. I have had the opportunity to grow stronger academically, with incredible teachers to guide me. I have learned from both leadership classes and leadership positions, and know that all that I have gained here will go on to help me in college. Thank you, IWA!
First of all, the Downtown location is optimal for learning! To add, everything is easily accessible, especially transportation. The learning environment is both rigorous and meaningful; each student can ask for help from their teachers. The class sizes are reasonable, and teachers definitely promote learning and participation! The friendliness shines through in each student, and I have felt very “at home”, here at IWA.
Incarnate Word Academy has teachers who dedicate themselves to helping their students. There new technology allows students to learn easier.
I’m so happy that I chose Incarnate Word Academy as my high school! The teachers are stellar, the students are loving and care for everyone, and we get a dedicated part of our school day to talk about our spirituality and our relationship with God, which I feel like is very important because we don’t get to do that that often otherwise. Everyone at the school makes you feel at home and you never feel unappreciated!
The culture of Incarnate Word Academy has redefined the meaning of sisterhood to me. Whether that be a friend offering to walk up three flights of stairs to get a book for you to being there for you when you need her the most, there is always someone there to help you when you need them, even for the smallest of things.
I have had an amazing time at Incarnate word so far, especially with the friends I have made. I look forward to the years to come. I will miss Ms. Frida, and her food, but the new lunch provider is amazing as well.
Incarnate Word Academy has helped me to become more confident through a very welcoming environment. They help to support your goals in life and prepare you for the future!
My experience has been great at Incarnate Word Academy. The sisterhood here is like nothing I’ve experienced before, I made new friends that I know I will be friends with for life. My teachers have been so supportive of me during my struggles and accomplishments. I also have had great opportunities by being a part of Campus Ministry, my faith has improved so much. It’s truly been a lie changing experience and I can’t wait to see what senior year has in store for me.
Everyone is very nice and always there for each other. The bonds you make are strong and real. The teachers are passionate and eager to teach the students. The admissions team is very caring and does their best to promote the school. The academics are challenging but manageable and help is given when needed.
I love my high school. They have teachers there to preparo the students for College and other life skills.
Incarnate Word Academy is an amazing school that well prepares its students for life in college. It is an all girls school in downtown Houston, which is a great place to explore and hang out. The Incarnate Word Academy is based on academics, spirituality, and service shaping its students into women of the Word. It is a great place to create life long bonds, and a school that I highly recomend for anyone looking to have a successful future.
I love the sisterhood at Incarnate Word and the teachers truly care about the students and their futures in college. Only thing is that it is kind fo strict, so school spirit is low at times.
My favorite thing about Incarnate Word Academy is the sisterhood unlike any other that makes everyone feel as a part of a big family.
I spent my entire four years of high school at Incanate Word and have enjoyed it. There have been tough times, but I know that it has all worked to lead me to who I am and what I have achieved. The leadership skills I, and many others, have acquired are 100% due to the influence of the school and the teachers.
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I started IWA when I was a freshman and now, I am a senior. I am glad that I chose this school because the workload and academic rigor given to the students helps them to prepare for college, the teachers are always willing to help and tutor students, and the school community of the school is absolutely loving and caring. You can definitely feel the sisterhood once you step into the school during school hours. Overall, I do not regret my decision to come to IWA and it helped me to develop my character and my willingness to be a leader after I graduate.
Over my four years at Incarnate Word, I've had an amazing experience. I feel that with all of the resources that Incarnate Word has provided me with, I have been able to grow more as a student and become an overall better person. Additionally, the teachers always have the best interest of the students. My experience at Incarnate Word Academy has been amazing!
I have overwhelmingly loved my experience at Incarnate Word Academy! I would not change my high school experience for anything. The small community, sisterhood, and theology is what makes Incarnate Word, Incarnate Word. The school has less than 400 people and the admissions team says the school will never go beyond that number. I know all 80 people in my classification and proudly call all of them my sisters. The reason I am not giving 5 stars is because there are a lot of restrictions on the students that keep our sports programs from their full potential, seniors from fully enjoying their senior year, etc. Regardless of the restrictions, IWA gave me an amazing education in Theology and I would not be at the place I am in my faith without the great teachers and extracurriculars we have based around the Catholic faith. I love Incarnate Word, no doubt and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else.
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