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Incarnate Word Academy High School Reviews

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After my student spending five dreadful years at IWA, I found that the teachers are not as competent as I had expected. If I had to choose a elementary school again, it would not be Incarnate Word Academy. The academics were above average but there seemed a serious teacher bias against some students.
Incarnate Word Academy High School is the best school I have ever attended. Everybody here is so nice. The teachers and faculties are my extended family that always support and help me to prepare for my college career. I love going to Incarnate Word Academy every day in order to give them a hug and a sunny smile.
Attending Incarnate Word Academy has assisted me in preparing for my future and for college more than any other high school, I think, could. the faculty at Incarnate Word Academy really care about each student's wellbeing. The only downside is that they spend our high tuition on unnecessary accessories such as 30 brand new iPads for the elementary level while the boy's bathroom only has one stall because the doors broke off the other rotting stalls.
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Incarnate word academy provides high quality of education and it has lots of exchange program for the international student.
I love the atmosphere and learning environment Incarnate Word provides for its students, as well as the teachers and staff promoting success and growth.
Incarnate Word Academy has provided me with the best college preparatory education in Corpus Christi. I have been challenged in all of my courses, given innumerable opportunities to get involved in my community, encouraged to develop and refine my leadership skills, and adequately prepared to academics at the college level.
One of the best schools in Corpus Christi. I have been going to this school for 13 going on 14 years and I feel extremely lucky. The education is unbeatable. It is absolutely a wonderful place to prepare for college with the amount of work given and the push that the teachers give to the students. It's a great place to experience responsibility and I wouldn't trade the education for anything.
IWA is an incredible school community to be a part of. Parents and students are kind and welcoming to everyone, and the community is very close knit. There is always concern for the well-being of others and never a shortage of school spirit.
Would like to see more emphasis on athletics and athletic facilities.
Would like to see more emphasis on arts in the lower grades.
The most thing that I like about Incarnate Word was the teachers here at the school. The teachers are always try to stay connected with the students. They always try to make time for the students before and after school. The students here are also kind to one another. We tend to help each other out if one of gets lost. The clubs here at Incarnate Word are also good. There are so many clubs to be. You can be in any one you like as long you are committed to the club. The one thing that I would like to change would be to have a better music program. There are very few students now and the number keeps decreasing each year. I would like more people to be involved in the music program.
It was a good school, prepared me well for college academics. Didn't learn enough about the outside world, most teachers were to concerned with their jobs than teaching us actual important things. We were taught good academics but nothing else.
IWAHS is a great school, but it does have its faults. While promoting its Sports, it completely neglects any of the Arts. The academics are unparalleled anywhere else in Corpus Christi.
I am challenged at IWA and feel that I'm being prepared for college. The staff and teachers are supportive for the most part. The counselors are awesome
IWA is overall a great school. The environment is very college prep. Clubs and activities are relatively unorganized, but if a student is willing to work hard they give a great head start. Athletic programs are okay. Some sports excel others are hardly recognized by the school.
Incarnate Word Academy has made me feel welcomed from my first step on campus. The teachers truly want their students to succeed and are willing to work early and late to see that through. The college preparatory curriculum has taught me so much and has definitely prepared me for college. Incarnate Word Academy also offers many clubs that students can get involved with and build their resume. Students are also allowed to play multiple sports, which is not allowed at many schools. Incarnate Word Academy is a good choice for your children. If you feel like you can not afford the tuition, there is scholarships and work study to off set the cost.
I have had a delightful experience these past four years at IWA. The teachers are wonderful and are very encouraging. They are very friendly and are always willing to help in any way. Another thing I like about this school is its religious environment. I enjoy being part of a school that encourages you to grow in faith and in academics.But there is one thing I do no entirely enjoy... and that is the lunch. The lunch is pretty good but not great. I feel that a new lunch menu would be more pleasant. Bring back the brownies and seasoned fries!
Small school, so everyone knows everyone. Good atmosphere, exceptional place to learn. The teachers are there to help you succeed.
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I've grown a lot, even though I still have another year to complete. I love the community here and Incarnate Word has always felt like home to me.
It is a small school but very close knit so everyone is a friend. I love being there because I know all my teachers and all the kids in the senior class. There is a great emphasis on the Catholic virtues of serving others, loving each other and being a part of a big family.
Our school is very involved in extracurricular activities. We have a variety of clubs, but one club we don't have is a chess club. I would recommend having a chess club because I know it would be popular.
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