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So throughout my four years here at Imperial, I was exposed to varying levels of difficulty ranging from teacher to teacher, but the workload was nothing that could not be done. I say that I was effectively taught well and had a great learning environment because I was able to make new relationships with staff and peers. The clubs and sports were numerous indeed, but I do wish that there was a little more to be offered in this regard as well as in school resources, especially more technological freedom and accessibility.
Attending IHS wasn't at all like in the movies its a save enviormwnt in which you interact with teachers and students in a way that it makes you grow as a person and be ready for college.
This school has the best grades in the Imperial Valley and most of the teachers are great but there are a exceptional few teachers that don’t know how to teach well and had a small amount of students pass the class. If I can change anything I would expand the school and pick the teachers by experiencing how they teach hands on. But other than the problems already talked about I got a 3.8 GPA with my hard work and concentration.
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the school can sometimes be super strict , but it’s a nice school. We had some safety issues and some students where scared, they helped us get through that. They also helped me with my classes gave me the ones I need are always on top of you to keep your things straight
Imperial high school is a first rate academic school in Imperial County. They rank among the best schools and thanks to the excellent staff, make learning a fun and rewarding experience.
My experience so far has been life changing. I have made friendships and have met some of the most caring individuals. The campus is very friendly and since the school population is small, the entire student body is very close and it is easy to make great friendships with the teachers and staff.
Imperial High School helped prepare me for college. There were some pretty great teachers that helped encourage me throughout high school. I don't think I'd be as successful as I am today without them. I hope to see more school spirit from the students there in the future.
Most of the teachers are great educators and are always trying to improve their methods of teaching for the better of the students. Also, school spirit amongst both administrators and students is never a problem as everyone is always shouting "Tiger Pride" in the halls, at assemblies, and school sports events. It is a small world where my school is located, which makes it easier to get to know everyone and there's never any ethnic or social cliques or discrimination towards anyone. This school is definitely one that leads by example of a healthy, happy, and academic environment.
This school challenged me to be a better person and not to procrastinate. Imperial High School helps students who need it and notice changes. The teachers are good help to me, I trust them and never hated one teacher in this district. What I would like to see in the future for this school is more books students like to read and better healthy food.
There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus. Teachers are friendly and care about your grades. School spirit is always present. The facilities need to be renovated.
Although this school has wonderful things to offer, it often times puts a heavy strain or pressure on students to succeed, with little to return in the way of reward. The majority of our district's funds go towards sports, when they could easily be used to fix internal issues students often complain about.
As a student at Imperial High School, I've been granted many opportunities in various fields of studies. The environment of the school welcomes everyone in with warm arms. However, since the school is so academically involved, there isn't much of any fun/spontaneous events that take place due to an excessive amount of strict rules. Overall, the school is great and has many programs that'll prepare the students for their futures.
Imperial high school has a really good education just like there is pros there is cons and the things I would change about imperial high school is how strict they are. The pros is how they have a good education but expect a lot.
The school education is good but a lot of the teachers aren't. Even the principal is bad. The principal just cares about throwing assemblies about athletes but not those who are great academically or musically. Also, there is a teacher who got many complaints about sexual harassment for years and he still works at my school.
What I liked about this school is that it pushes college. The school counselors help the students in planning their classes based on college requirements; emphasing the importance of graduating high school and the importance of continuing to college.
I would like to have been able to go on more field trips to different universities.
I really enjoyed attending this school. Many teachers tend to be strict, but at the end of the day you learn alot.
This school is great I'm not going to lie. the only things they lack are good food and spirit. I feel like Imperial could have more school spirit. Other than that I wouldn't want to go to any other school in the valley.
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Sadly, this is my last year as a student, but I know I will forever will always be a Tiger at heart. Imperial High School has brought many friendships, families, and the entire community all together. Everybody in Imperial takes pride for our school. Not just our teachers only teaching us the important education which we will need for college, but also teaching us the life skills we will need in the future. Our teachers at Imperial High School are not just regular ordinary teachers, but they're also people who we can go to if we are ever feeling down. Literally when they say that if we ever need anything their door is always open for anybody for anything. Senior year is the best year I've seen because we have so much spirit. Student sections at all sports and other activities is amazing to me because we all show that we care about what Imperial High School does. I take pride in this school and I'm thankful for this school giving me the best education and best of memories.
Overall, I can honestly say I love my school. I've had experiences with great teachers but I've also had some with not so great teachers. I love how spirited our school is and I'm proud to be a tiger.
Most of our extracurricular activites at our school are very helpful and well organized.
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