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Impact Early College High School Reviews

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I like Impact ECHS because it is a great place to spend your 4 highschool years in. The people here are very nice and the teachers work so hard to get you where you want to be. I have enjoyed almost every moment of it. I believe the school needs to tell kids that not everyone comes out with an associates degree.
I liked it because of how fast paced it was. It allows you to learn and get on track with college, so you have the ability to learn and get used to the college environment at the same time as working on highschool.
Impact Early College High School offers a rigorous curriculum to its students that prepare them for college. The teachers and staff are very professional and helpful.
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I am a junior at Impact Early College High School. In this three years of journey, you have to make friends in with the 100 people in your batch, which i know is very less, but this really helps building our bond. The school is just about academics and that is what you have to expect when you sign up. The staff really tries to make it fun but when its your junior year it just gets boring. Overall, i recommend impact to any kid who thinks they have the potential to study to become someone
IMPACT ECHS is a perfect opportunity to actually accomplish your dreams. Doing what is required here at IMPACT, you will be able to take college classes. Graduating as a senior from IMPACT ECHS, you will also graduate with a associates degree. Plus, the teachers here are amazing. they are always there when needed weather it is personal or academic problems.
IMPACT Early College is one of the best college readiness schools in the district and sets very high standards for students. I wish there'd only one day have sports added to their school activities.
IMPACT ECHS is a great opportunity and very helpful in getting started on college credits. The teachers and faculty are very supportive and are willing to help students whenever they can. The teachers constantly check up on us and make sure everything is going good in both college and high school classes. One thing I really like at IMPACT is that no matter what grade you're in everyone helps everyone. There's nothing really I would want to change if I had the chance.
IMPACT has given me many great opportunities. I was able to graduate high school with my associates degree completely free. The thing I would change is that there are no sports or extra curricular activities so you have to return to your zones campus to participate in those events.
IMPACT ECHS is a great school. Not only does it provide an opportunity to receive an Associates degree for free, but it also opens doors to a great future. The teachers are always ready to help without hesitating. They soon become a student's best friend and mentor. The staff is always in a great mood, even our sweet janitors care about the students and share smiles. The students in the campus are a big, happy family. There's no drama or divisions, only love and acceptance. Being a student in Impact ECHS is a dream come true!
Impact has been a great force for my life, as I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to receive free college credit. The teachers both at Lee College and Impact are some of the most compassionate and helpful I have ever met and its been great working with them. I don't regret any second of coming to Impact knowing I'm getting ahead on life by having a head start on my future.
Impact Early College High School is an extraordinary school. The Impact ECHS is such a loving, supportive, and helpful school. The teachers/administration guarantee the preparation and aid in classes for high school and college. The school is a highly loving teachers, students, and other facilities are like one big family.
I loved the fact that everyone is there to help you no matter the situation. They will push you to do the best, always.
Impact ECHS has allowed me to gain the independence and responsibility that I did not have before. There are very few students so everyone knows each other. We don't have much school spirit. Most teachers and faculty are sweet, some can have a bad attitude but that's just how humans are. I put aside my happiness, the high school experience, friends, and sports so I could be successful in life. My parents are saving money and I received college experience at a young age which is all that matters. Although it is a big sacrifice it is all worth it in the end.
As a graduating senior (7 more days 😄), my experience at IMPACT was okay. There isn't many students (75 seniors, 100ish of the other grades), so there's just not much diversity in mind frame. Everyone's pretty much the same. There's not many clubs, and the ones we do have either have 100 members or barely do anything for the students. There's just not much to be involved in unless its community service. The food at IMPACT is...edible. But Lee College is across the street and their food is pretty good. I play sports for one of the other high schools, so I get some kind of normal high school experience because IMPACT isnt it. Everyone is really click-y and don't stray from whoever they hung out with the first year or so. I got into a pretty nice college though and I got my associates a couple weeks ago. So it wasn't a complete waste.
Impact ECHS is a wonderful school, that everyone gets along with one another. The teachers are their when you need help and they will sit with you one- one to help you with what your struggling with. Everyone is busy doing their academics and college work. What is excellent and I recommend this school, for theirs no racism and bullying tolerated in campus.
Currently I am a Junior at impact early college high school, but my experiences in high school has been great. The school might not have many good activities, but we should know that academic is more important than sports or other activities. The opportunity they give in school to take high school and college classes is extraordinary because we can graduate with a high school diploma and with an Associate Degree.
Impact Early College High School is a great experience for those with fear of going through life without a college degree. The opportunity Impact gives is one of a life time yet you must sacrifice many for the school. Leaving friends and the overall high school experience is big to many however to others is a small price to pay. The school cuts out that high school experience which is heart breaking to me and other students however their plan on getting students a college degree is right on point. Impact is a great school to go to and is worth the sacrifice.
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Teachers expectations are high and the standards that our work is held to is much higher than that of an average high school it is a very satisfying experience. You must work hard but there are many benefits and its worth it in the end.
I am a sophomore at Impact Early College High School. In my two years experience at Impact I have drastically strengthened into a responsible individual and in academics. This school has given me a great opportunity and has taught me how to be more independent. Any time other students or myself do not understand a lesson taught, the faculty or other students around willingly help with a smile on their face. I plan on continuing my next two years here at Impact surrounded in a caring and comfortable community.
I really feel like they don't care about you being bullied. Instead of addressing the issue, they make excuses on why the bully is acting out. Then put you in "hiding" when possible to stay away from the bully. I guess you are the one that's wrong for being bullied, so you have to go in hiding. Teaching the bully that it's ok, to continue to do what they do. While making the person being bullied feels like they have no voice.. This was one of the worst choices I've ever made. 😢
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