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Impact Early College Highschool is a very close knit, family like environment. When compared to a regular highschool, it is indeed smaller but along with, comes only positives. When being a highschool and college student simultaneously, a lot is expected from us but with the positive environment we're surrounded by, it's only an opportunity for success.There is truly no one that is never not willing to give a hand from teachers, counselors, and even your peers.
I had the best experience at IMPACT Early College High School. Teachers were always willing to help and genuinely wanted their students to succeed. Other students were also kind and supportive. IMPACT does an amazing job ensuring that all of their students are ready to achieve their educational and/or occupational goals.
Impact ECHS is a very good school! You should not attend this school If you are not willing to work very hard. Impact is a very hard core school. Its study, and get your work done all day everyday. With lots of homework. Impact can also be a very fun school to attend. At the end of each semester we have something called grade games. Where each grade competes against one another in volleyball, basketball, etc. But school is also brought in the competition with attendance, and A,B honoroll and what not. Not only that, but you do get a daily little exercise whenever you are walking back and fourth to and from the college buildings and the high school campus. I like this because I feel it gives me and my peers a sense of freedom. It gives a sense of freedom because if we have some extra time on our hands we are able to go to rebel roost which is the on campus restaurant. There is also a game room were allowed to use that has 8 ball, ping pong tables, and video games. There is a Starbucks!
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I love my school. I think that the faculty does a really good job making sure that we have the material we need to succeed in life. Since it is an Early College High School we don't spend a lot of time at the campus once we get into higher grades, but the time we do spend there is definitely is memorable.
Since IMPACT is a smaller school you become more involved in class work and become more social, like I did.
I honestly would not want Impact to change. There are amazing teachers that actually want to see you succeed in life. You can come to them with anything and they'll help you no matter what you need. They love you no matter what. There is nothing I would want to change.
My experience at this Early College High School has been very good for the 3 years I’ve been here. The teachers and staff are always willing to help students out with any questions or concerns that they may have. The entirety of the staff is friendly and always on task as well. 10/10 would attend again.
I attend an Early College High School and though it is a great opportunity I feel like it is a very high point school. Its as if all that matters are the grades and one's feelings are not really acknowledged. Plenty of classmates and I are heavily stressed and seem to have to brush it off as if nothing is occurring. Each persons background is in a way similar, the majority are first gens or first college student. The teachers are amazing in teaching curriculum but it can get very overwhelming at times, especially now due to COVID-19.
The teachers were very great and obviously good at their jobs. In addition, the academic counselors helped keep me on track to getting my associate's degree. However, I do not feel like I was prepped for college properly. Moreover, there are not as many clubs as in an average high school (which I didn't mind, but others may mind that). Also, the cafeteria food is quite mediocre.
It's not like most schools as we don't have a lot of students nor do we play sports but they try their best to make things fun. One example would be grade games which is a competition between the grade levels.
When I first came to Impact, I did not know what to expect. This school is not like the others within the district. This high school offers their students a chance to earn an Associate's Degree before their high school degree. I had heard from other students that Impact was going to be a lot of work, but I knew that. I just did not know how much work it would have been. The first two years here were the hardest for me. I did not start my college classes as a high school freshman, but I have worked hard to catch up with my peers. If everything goes well, I will hopefully end this semester with forty-two college hours, not including my summer college classes. Thanks to my hard work and determination, I have driven myself to success. Throughout this whole experience, I do not regret coming to this school.
Impact is a wonderful opportunity for kids who would like to be ahead in life. However, it may not be for everybody due to the amount of stress that can quickly build up. Impact is not as fun as other high schools, but students have the liberty to enjoy the life as a college student.
IMPACT Early College High School is such an amazing school. I am a Junior, therefore I have been attending this school for three consecutive years, and going on four. Yet, Not once have a teacher ever let me down. The faculty here are just outstanding! The Teachers here will use their last minute to help you with anything you need regarding academics or even personal problems. The environment is also very friendly and provides many study areas. The alumni here is are also very nice and respectful. IMPACT ECHS is just an amazing school in general, And i will never regret the day that i got accepted into this School.
These last four years were hard for me, but I was able to push through it. I have made it to my senior year by making a bond with friends and teachers. I love how the teachers are supportive and willing to help us when we need it. Being at Impact ECHS, the teachers treat us like an actual adult.
Impact Early College High School is a different school from the whole goose creek high school district because it gets you to be ready for college. It also gives you diversity of different cultures. It is a good school for teens that are mature and responsible.
What I liked most about my school is that everyone here wants to see every student be successful in life hoping they don’t struggle. Providing with lots of resources, tips, and people we can talk to. Most importantly, it gets every student ready for college and keeps us updated of any opportunities.
Greater admissions standards to prevent attrion rates for freshmen. My own class started with 120 students and ended with 80. The students that left weren't served well by impact in that they werent qualified to be there in the first place and continued membership made it harder on their grades and to readjust to normal high school environments.
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Its a cool experience but very different from the normal high school experience and makes you wish sometimes you went to a normal high school instead of and early college high school but you go to college as a junior and graduate 2 years earlier then everyone
Impact Early College High School has some of the most friendliest staff and teachers that a district could dream of for a campus. The students here get along with each other and help one another when someone needs help. Most of The teachers on our campus are here for the students before and after school hours to help out with any problems that students may encounter. They also encourage all their students to think about their future and their careers as well. College Is a huge deal for everyone in this campus, our councilor encourages us to apply to colleges, and if college isn’t the way we want to go, then she helps us find something that will give us a general view on what we want to do with our future. To wrap this all up, Impact is an amazing campus. Everything about it is as close to a perfect campus as you can get.
Going to Impact ECHS is a great opportunity for students who are very serious about going to college. The biggest thing I like about Impact is that the teachers care about your future and where you want to go in life. They make a connection with the students, and that connection is very important. They make us feel like they care about what we're learning and they make it fun and interesting but informal at the time. They aren't just getting us ready for college, they're getting us ready to face the world. Not many high schools try to connect with their students. That's what sets Impact away from the rest.
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