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Impact is not a bad school. It really prepares you for college and the outside world. My experience however wasn't outstanding because of some people that I was friends with. However, I do not regret coming her. Because of this school I was able to travel outside the country and meet amazing new people. For me that outweighed all the negativity. Academically this school is amazing, but if your look for a lot of extracurricular activities, they don't offer much in that department.
It gave me a great learning space. Accommodation were made for me when I was I'll. Lovely staff. Also, the teachers really care.
Impact Academy of Arts & Technology, is a really fun place to assist, it is full of people that are ready to learn and the community there is really good. Everyone is friendly, and they support you when you need help. If you are having problems, you talk to an ADMIN, and they help you work out your problems with that person through a conversation. The teachers there, help you when you need help, and are always there if you need someone to talk to.
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Great school , this school is committed to students , teachers make sure every student is on the same page.
I am a student at this academy and have many experiences which may be good or bad but mostly they were good because of the educational side. The sides which I thought were bad was no P.E. and not good food. Overall it was a good experience for me to cope on as a student and build my educational life based on obstacles such as these.
I recommend sending your children here for school, it is very diverse and the teachers, I can honestly say give their 110%. I feel they definitely prepare their students for college.
I would say academically the school is a great choice for college ready and to really be creative with assignments but it takes away the high school experience by not having lockers, a football team, a library and a gym. Impact is very small and needs to fix there buildings because they are terrible and falling apart. The food is not the greatest and the clubs are really limited in choice, along with there sports. The only positive trait is there academics because they really do support you in homework and big assignments, especially college.
At Impact, I really have enjoyed the support of teachers that is provided. Since it is a smaller school compared to others in the city, we obtain more one on one time to help with specific needs we as individuals have. I also enjoy the use of Advisory because it gives us the opportunity to get closer with people in your class as well as other classes. Impact is like a little family which I enjoy. Although it is a great school that is project based, I feel like we lack more extracurricular, elective, and AP courses. I would love to have been able to enroll in more classes throughout high school.
A very tight knit community that is very supportive in getting the students the education they need. There is a real sense of unity in this school and it is easy to connect with other students. Both teachers and administration are really caring and supportive to all the students and easy to reach out to. The classes are very interesting but there isn't and abundance of classes so you'll have to take summer classes at the local community college in order to take classes that interest you. Classes are not available for students who are advanced so taking classes at the local community college are required if you want to surpass the required the required A-G courses. Overall, Impact is an excellent community for students who want to learn.
Impact Academy is a good school. I have learned so much and going to a charter school has changed me for the better academically and socially.
I'm glad this was worth my while, I'm transferring out this year and it just feels nice to meet everyone I had. My teachers are amazing, and I wish I could bring them with me. I know there's a better education out there, and that's why I have to leave this behind.
I am a tenth grade student at Impact. Overall, Impact is a very welcoming place. Students are very kind and they motivate me to do well. My teachers make sure that I understand the topic by using new teaching strategies. I really love how this school has projects that prepare me for the real world. For instance, I had to do many presentations that helped me better communicate and present my works. The assignments that I have been given have helped me collaborate more productively with my peers. Rather than doing standardized tests to determine our academic growth, everybody does projects that display what we have learned over the year.
I was a student when they first made the school a 4 grade school.They have updated a lot since I've been there and they honestly strive to get your kids into college
Impact Academy of Arts of Technology was an amazing fit for me. I love the teachers, the academics are great, and it prepares me for college. It is a smaller school, so the extracurriculars are limited. Also, the facilities are average except for the new portables built last year which are good. There is a lot of support available since the teacher student ratio is 1 to 25. Overall, I enjoy my school
Overall, I do not regret going to Impact. It taught we how to utilize the resources given to me, helped me to be social, and really pushed us to be on our A game. If it were not for this school, I would have not met the amazing friends and teachers I have now. However, I wished this school provided more electives for its students.
It's ok. Nothing much can really be said about this place other then just referring to the place as juat ok.
So many life, educational, problem sloving, art, and presentstion skills is what I took away from this school. I am more than ready now if I were to talk in front of a whole crowd of 500+ people to leading a protest or even writting a college level essay!haha The lessons and opportunities I've taken from here will lead me to a more open and thoughtful future for sure.
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Good school! Really great project based learning. Though could use more extracurriculars/AP courses. Been here 4 years and it was a calm nice 4 years.
Impact is a nice small school. The teachers and staff wants the best for the students and makes sure they get ready and give them an idea of why students should attend college. They are there to help both emotionally and educational wise.
I am grateful to have been able to attend Impact Academy. Since there is a small number of students, the teachers are able to give you more help and support. This school is also helpful on preparing you for your future. One thing I would change is our block schedule.
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