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Immokalee High School has helped me further my way through education. Thanks to them, I am now my way graduating this school year !The teachers were around when I needed help and so was staff. I was always helped with things I struggled on. Guidance was always here for me also .The principal, guidance counselors, office staff and teachers are really involved in students lives. They try to ensure the best learning environment and work hard to educate the students and also have the students like and appreciate them. The school has bullying awareness; meaning that bullying will not be tolerated at this school, and I find that very inspiring.
Immokalee High School has helped me further my way through education. The teachers were around when I needed help and so was staff. I was always helped with things I struggled on. Guidance was always here for me laso.
Those four years went by really fast. They were the best four years of my life. Me and my little group of friends stayed together through these times and I really miss them now. We all went to different colleges and we have not seen each other in over a year. I'm grateful that with them, we enjoyed our time in IHS. We played in the soccer team and joined clubs that we left almost immediately. We were in classes where we would procrastinate and copy off of each other. I'm pretty sure this is how most high schoolers go though the years. The only things I would change would be the size of the campus. The classes were getting really big and the hallways were always crowded. Other than that I have nothing but good things to say.
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My experience with Immokalee High School so far have been very average. I'd like to see a dress-code change.
The Immokalee High School is a great facility. The students and staff are diverse and come around from different places. The school provides programs and translators for student who come from another country and don’t speak English or are not fluent.
I truly feel that this school is filled with a load of pride and energy that radiates throughout the small town it resides in. Within one year of having attended this school, I can honestly say that i have met wonderful teachers and students with numerous of unique personalities. The amount of support one can get from this school is quite fascinating also. Despite the hardships that students may face in or out of school, administration and other peers are always here to help each other get through those days. In a town that is saturated with low income families of different backgrounds, at first students may find it difficult to fit in. However by the end, students learn about the caring nature of our school. In addition, the number of programs, classes, and clubs serve as great ways to meet new people, learn new things, and prepare for college in the future. Overall the school has a great environment and a variety of bright students with bright futures ahead of them too also!!
In Immokalee High School there are so many clubs that you could join and many other that would help you in the future . JROTC will help you in the military if you are interested in joining the army when you are older , they have so many connections with people . I would love to see the change of how the school is , such as like a change in the buildings , and new appliances they have .
Many of the professors are supportive and help students engage in after school activities that can help students gain experience or help them improve their opportunities into enrolling into a college or university.
The school is situated in a great community, however, change in leadership has lead to confusion and inefficiency. The students are wonderful. The community is wonderful. The school always needs more help. Due to circumstances, the school could always use support to help students who are falling behind.
Immokalee High School has some excellent teachers in advanced classes and a wide variety of classes, which gives a lot of opportunities for classes that will prepare students for college and earning college credit. There was also a lot of room to get involved in extracurricular activities, but I do think that the amount of homework given in classes that were meant to simulate a college experience sometimes reflected a failure on the teacher's part to maximize class time, and I think the advanced students were pushed beyond their limits, while the regular and intensive students were taught almost nothing at all. Overall however I had a very positive experience as a student at Immokalee High School.
I like the teachers and the connections they have with the students. I am currently a Senior, and throughout my time here in this school, I loved everything about it, I couldn't ask any more or less. I met so many amazing people and participated in various clubs that helped shape me for the better.
What i loved about Immokalee High School was its pride. The love and the strength in the school was so strong. The involvement in school was outstanding, everyone caring for each other and watching out for each other. Overall it is a GREAT school. I recommend Immokalee for all
My experience at Immokalee High School has been fantastic. Being able to take classes and doing many extracurricular activities encourages me to pursue my education.
I’ve had a great experience at Immokalee Highschool, it’s really been a awesome. The teachers are great, but I do miss our old principal, he actually put things into action and our current one isn’t doing so well. I want them to start sponsoring girl sports the same way they do for boys, the girls mostly never join sports because they don’t have the money to join, and the boys get EVERYTHING handed to them free of charge. They need to relax on the dress code because now it’s just ridiculous, no one dresses provocatively and if they do just give them all day iss please. But besides all those bumps Immokalee highschool is a great school, and I’ve really enjoyed my time here.
What I like at Immokalee is that since I am in advanced classes, some of the teachers I have had really do care about their students and their success. For the teachers that do not care, it is mostly with the regular and intensive courses. I have a sibling in these intensive courses and the teachers show no interest in trying to help him. I feel that the intensive kids are the ones that actually need the teachers that put in the extra effort the most. Also Immokalee High School does not have a proper way to prepare kids for college. Thankfully, there are outside organizations like the Immokalee Foundation and the Guadalupe Center Tutor Corps that are college readiness programs that students actually need to apply for. I feel like these opportunities need to be more well-known and get the help the need to grow and help more students in the community, especially coming from a poverty-stricken town.
Immokalee High School has been a very safe place. I could ask anyone for help and I would get it. The community is filled with such diversity and it is underrated at times.
The teachers were great and taught us everything we needed to know. Some of them were there for me when I couldn't pass tests and made sure I graduated. I'm so grateful for them on my success.
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I love how Immokalee High School offers great college readiness opportunities that will prepare and increase our chances of getting into the college we've dreamed of. In this school, where the majority of students are of financial need, students can't help but be grateful the opportunities bestowed upon them by the staff and administration.
Immokalee High School is a great school with a great diversity. Immokalee High School is a welcoming to school to all people, but lack some resources for their students. They a huge number of clubs and after school activities that give great opportunities to students.
I had a good experience, I liked how everything was organized, I do not think anything should be changed.
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