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The teachers are nice and the chapels are really good. There aren’t enough classes to allow students to try different things. Since there is only one councilor, she doesn’t prepare the seniors for college. The school in itself does not prepare their students for college. It is not a good place to go if being academically challenged is in a persons mind. Once again not enough classes offered and the ones that are, aren’t great. The science department is the weakest branch out of all of them right now.
Two of our children attended IHS and I have nothing but praise for the school. Administration and faculty are top notch, as are the facilities. If you want a faith based school experience for your child then you will be very pleased in what Immanuel has to offer.
The teachers are okay for the most part but the kids are stuck up, rude, backstabbing, and fake, or gross and don't have anything to do with being a christian and are STILL rude. It's hard to find a group of good kids to hang out with.
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Exceptional academics and teachers. Amazing school and totally worth the price. I've never been at a school that I felt more involved in and accepted in. Everyone on campus is a welcoming and accepting person. The administration has personal relationships with each student an de knows every students name.
I love the school, you automatically feel welcome and happy. The grounds are well kept up and clean. If you have a question ask the friendly office staff and get an answer right away. The teachers really care about the kids well being and education.
Immanuel High School is a Mennonite based Christian school. Overall my experience with the school was good. As a whole, it could use some work in the teaching department. All the teachers are great people but some of them are not the greatest at teaching.
I loved attending Immanuel Schools. It was a Christ filled environment and taught me so much about academics and my walk with Christ. I was adequately prepared for my college experience.
There's never any fights, but there have been multiple health issues. Drugs and alcohol are snuck in a lot, and a used condom was found in the chapel stairs leading to the art room, and a pack of condoms were sitting in the bleachers at a basketball game
Some teachers are amazing, some just don't know what theyre doing, which annoys the students, and some are just jerks who only care about the kids on their baseball team
Already said my monologue about Robbins in my overall review. There is student council, but it's just a popularity contest and whoever wins doesn't do anything special
We are able to share and apply our faith. We have chapels 2 times a week and our teachers use faith on a daily basis in the classroom. The administration is concentrated on how well you learn and learning is important to them.
School safety overall is great. Nothing really ever happens. However, we don't have a school nurse, which I always wondered about.
These teachers are some of the best I've ever known. I still love to go back and visit them when I can. They love to be a part of their students' lives.
The school facilities are very nice, and have improved over the years as well. They are constantly trying to make the school look the best that it can.
The school staff and administration are great because you get to know them personally. They genuinely care for you and make it a point to get to know you. They aren't just teachers and office people; they have potential to become your friends.
My small Christian high school was a perfect step into my small Christian college. It was nice having the same background as what I was learning, and most of it I already knew. I love the atmosphere of these small schools; they make you feel as if you're part of a family.
While trying out for any extracurricular activity is required, you can pretty much do whatever activity you want. You don't have to have played a sport for years in order to make the team; you can try a new sport whenever. In four years, I played four different sports, several within a year. The small-school aspect is great for allowing you to try everything.
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Teachers are heavlily involved in students lives. They care about the students and are willing to go above and beyond for anyone that needs further help. They also make themselves readily availible.
The buildings are average compared to local high schools. The college prep resoureces are very good. Immanuel offers a large range of Advanced Placement courses that properly equip you for college as well as general challenging courses. There is an after school tutor most days of the week to help students in the Library. Parent involvment is very high at this school and they help out with events and other things.
There is very little bullying at this school. Also the issue of drinking and drugs is fairly prevalent in most schools but I feel as though it is not as prominant in my school. The overall safety in the school is very high becasue it is a school based on morals and biblical truths about equality.
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