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We have been really happy sending our sons to Immanuel Lutheran School. My sons have been going to Immanuel since pre-school and they love Immanuel. My kids tell me that they can't wait to go to school. The teachers at Immanuel are loving, caring, enouraging, and attentive. The teachers view teaching as their life calling. You just can't find more loving and caring teachers than Immanuel teachers. Immanuel allows students to learn at different speeds. If my kids are more advanced in math, then my kids are able to learn advanced math from online courses. The in classroom use of technology is excellent. The kids use a variety of online applications as part of their learning experience.
Immannuel Lutheran is a really wonderful choice for a private school. We never intended to send our kids to private school but we discovered it by sending our younger kids to their preschool program which is really great. At the same time we noticed the attention our older daughter was getting at the public school was less and less with the amount of students so huge. We decided at the end of 6th grade to pull her from public school and send her to Immanuel Lutheran and it is a choice we are all very happy we did. Our kids are thriving at Immanuel Lutheran in education and sports like we couldn't have imagined. We are thankful to Immanuel Lutheran.
Immanuel was such a breath of fresh air for us. Being new to the area, we failed to make connections in the public school. There was just no opportunity to know parents or teachers. The Immanuel community was so welcoming and immediately made our children and us feel at home. Our kids have thrived under the care of these incredible teachers, staff, and coaches and the community of parents. They are growing in knowledge AND wisdom here at Immanuel. They are given opportunities in sports, arts, and academics that exceeded my expectations, and from such a young age.
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Although Palatine has great public schools educationally, we felt something was lacking in local junior highs that would help give my children a stronger moral compass in an increasingly complex world. Immanuel was the answer to my prayers - strong educationally and morally. One hour of Sunday School wasn't enough. And Immanuel has sports, fine arts, jr high electives, a science fair, history fair, math competition, etc so everything you want in a school plus much needed daily lessons in compassion. Best school decision we ever made! You want to send your kids here!
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