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Immanuel Lutheran High School Reviews

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The faculty are close-minded. Professors care about some people, but are two-faced when interacting with others. It's expensive, and the education doesn't offer AP or college credit courses.
My experience at Immanuel Lutheran High School is one I will never forget. It is a maturing experience if you choose to live in the dormitory there -- along with the fact that you get to live next door to your friends! It allows for more one on one time with professors, has a higher education level with AP level class choices, and is religious for those who prefer. The athletics allow for great opportunities and almost all to participate and find out what they enjoy. Many extracurricular activities and clubs are available for all groups and interests. With the religious aspect, students will learn and practice good morals and kindness with others.
The smart and caring staff is able to give individual attention to every student and their needs. It provides opportunity to be greatly prepared for college level courses, even offering some of its own, specifically in Prof Schierenbeck's courses.
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The thing I loved most about going to Immanuel was the connection to others you make. Attending here you create friendships between classmates, you create bonds with the professors, and you create great relationships between sports coaches and teammates. I loved that it was close to home. The activities put on by the school were fun to attend as well. It's amazing to learn and grow with a big group of people that share the same faith as you do. They're there for support in all kinds of ways, and I'm extremely glad to have made that permanent connection with all of them.
Good Christian environment. Easy to get to know people. If you want to play sports going to Immanuel you are ensured to make a team.
This school is hardly focused on academics. Many teachers are not qualified to teach their subjects.
Immanuel is a great school with a great education. The teachers are always willing to help and give you advice. I wish there weren't so many rules, but other than that it's a great school to attend
I always felt safe on my school's campus. The professors and the dean of students do a really good job of cutting down the unsafe behaviors that the students do on campus.
At my school, there were only a select number of clubs that you could be a part of. I feel like the students were missing out on experiences that public school students get from the clubs offered there.
I liked how almost all the the professors attended the home sporting events. It gave me a sense that they actually cared about my well-being and my hobbies. It made me feel like I could connect with them on a more personal level.
I really enjoyed the teachers at my school. They really went above and beyond in getting to know their students and making sure they were comfortable in the learning environment.
Great education and discipline. Christian education excellent.
Our school facilities are pretty average. Mainly white boards are used, but we have two smart boards that can be used. We also have a nice computer lab for students.
There is not a lot of diversity in the school. There aren't many different cultures here.
This school has some really great teachers and the courses go above what normal schools do.
As much as staying in dorms can get old at times, it is a great experience
Some meals are good and others are bad. You must take a certain amount of fruit and vegetables, and you don't have any variety but other than that it is good.
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The gym at the school is pretty old, however we make the most of it. We have to travel to different softball and baseball fields because ours are not the best, however.
Since it is a high school they are pretty good about accepting new students.
At our school sports are regarded very highly. Maybe other activities are not looked on as highly or don't get the attention they deserve, but there are plenty for the students to do.
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