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The teachers are amazing. They know each student on a personal level and want to see them succeed. They teach in ways that work best for the students and are always there when someone needs help. I received a great education.
The school doesn't have that much money, so the facilities are not outstanding. Facilities are not the most important part of a school though.
Most people at Immanuel participate in sports and clubs. There are not many options for extracurricular activities, but the ones that are offered are fun and good ways for students to get involved and build better relationships with other students.
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You truly become a family at Immanuel. The classes are so small that everyone becomes friends and that doesn't stop when you get out of high school. My class still gets together from time to time to catch up with each other.
Educationally, I was very prepared to go into college courses. I found myself doing better than my peers in my college classes, and that is fully attributed to Immanuel. The education is fantastic. Socially, I was sheltered from a lot of things that surprised me when I got to college. However, being sheltered is not always a bad thing.
Immanuel is a very safe environment. There will always be a couple of students who take part in alcohol and drugs, but it stays off campus and isn't a pressure that faces students. I was never bullied at school, but I have heard a few instances of it happening. It is rare though; overall, Immanuel is great.
I personally loved having a school uniform, it made it so easy in the morning! The staff is also fantastic, the office staff is extremely helpful and friendly and the principal is always involved and there if you need him.
Most teachers really care about and are involved with the students
I attended k-12 and wouldn't change anything. Great, Christ centered environment.
Very prepared for the world of academics in college
It's a small school so everyone has an opportunity to be involved.
Since we are a small school, we have small facilities and few resources. But the faculty is very willing to help and are constantly involving themselves with the students.
There is a fairly small amount of racial diversity, but the few people that are here are not looked down upon in any way. Everyone is considered equal. There might be a bit more opposition to sexual orientation, but I think people would still be treated fairly and kindly.
The teachers are very easy going and everyone gets along.
The school building is very run down
Everyone accepts everyone and everyone's friends.
The teachers are truly incredible. They challenge us but also keep us interested and involved.
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There is a pretty good number of sports teams, especially taking into account our size. Most students participate in sports and those who don't at least go to the games.
The teachers are all really fantastic; they are challenging, yet fun and intelligent. Unfortunately, one doesn't have many class choices, since the school is so small.
The clubs are a lot of fun and most students are involved, but there aren't many different choices.
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