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I like Immanuel Christian School's small class sizes, how they emphasize love and respect to others, and the one-on-one help.
My 6th grader has a lot of energy. She felt beat down in her other school and has been encouraged here. The classroom structure and school culture has helped her take responsibility for her actions and has also helped her to celebrate the ways she is unique. Our family has great appreciated the individualized attention and creative approaches she has received from her teacher.
Administration and staff leave much to be desired, condition of the building is very poor. Parents MUST give a lot of time doing what staff should be responsible for with very little appreciation.
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Immanuel Christian had a great academic program. They prepare students for college due to their strong standards that are upheld for every individual. However, this positive aspect is unfortunately accompanied by sexism. Multiple times I was called out of the classroom and lectured on dress code. I understand that school standards must be abided by. Yet, some things that I was called out for seemed ridiculous. Once, the high school girls were told that for the field trip, they needed to send pictures of the clothes they planned to wear to make sure they were modest, yet the men did not have to. Another time, they said "you look naked" and went onto say that girls with larger body types should not wear form fitting pants. Until this unruly problem is fixed, I would not suggest sending daughters here.
After having attended Immanuel for a number of years, one learns to truly appreciate many aspects of this school. Many, in fact, are unique to it. For example, the teachers here are of the highest caliber-- both spiritually, and academically. Due to the very small size, Immanuel profits by offering the chance to each of its students a personal interaction with each of the faculty and staff, all of whom are genuinely interested in his spiritual and academic welfare. Through daily devotions led by each homeroom teacher in the upper grades and chapel every Wednesday for all grades, a student's faith is sharpened and he is prepared to meet the challenges that the secular world around him can offer. In short, Immanuel Christian is a fine school and a wonderful choice for any family. It has helped me grow in my personal walk with Christ immensely, and so, for that, and all other aforementioned reasons, I would highly recommend it.
I have had a lot of good times at ICS.
The teachers at my school work for the students.
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