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If you want your children to be challenged, I am glad to welcome you to Immanuel. For the years I have attended this school, I can say that it is a great experience of learning and making good friends. What I would encourage this school to change is their college readiness because I believe students need more than just math, history, English, science, and computer science lessons, students need the ability to reflect and contemplate the standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Lastly, opportunities are really important, so that the students can obtain scholarships easier.
This year more changes have been implemented in the school. New clubs have been added like Robotics and improved such as Student Council. In Junior year they really push you to start Scolarship applications and research for college.
I attended Immanuel Christian School for my elementary, middle, and high school education; the year I graduated was when a new administration was put into place, but I can speak for the teachers and the academics for this institution.
Teachers are always ready to help students and offer after school meetings/ tutoring sessions, but they do expect full behavior of all rules and policies.
The academics vary for classes, but there is overall coverage of topics regarding all subjects.
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I really value the relationships you are able to build within this small community between classmates and teachers. I feel I can approach them with any question big or small, spiritual or academic. As a school that provides all grade levels it tends to be a bit sheltered as a downside. I know people who have attended since pre-K so sometimes its hard to know what to expect when you finally do get out into the other scholastic atmospheres.
What I like about Immanuel Christian School is that there education system is high and that they help you if you struggle with any subject. The staff members in the school are very supportive and they are kind with you. The important thing about this school is that they have there goals for us and the school . I enjoy studying in this school and learn. We have also have day where we can gather around and talk with other classmates. There is many kind of people you can meet and talk. When a classmate is going through health issues or etc.... the school helps the students through there hard cituation. Talking about financial aid, the school also provides helps for the students and make a plan about it.
This school offers a fantastic education and loving environment. It provides students to grow in their education with criticism. Great School!
Immanuel is family-oriented and Christian based. The students get to have more personal communication with teachers, for they are approachable and understanding, though is a strict school.
This school has helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus so much. I am given the privilege to lead worship on Fridays and it has helped me develop my ministry. The staff is also such a blessing to my life, for they are there for me whenever i have needed advice or anything I have needed
I really like the school because the faculty and staff know what they believe and stand firm on teaching all of its students a biblical perspective.
It is an amazing school that really prepares the students for college.
There is no tolerance for bullying
Administration should relax, and know that we are teens.
It honestly doesn't have alot of options, it just has the basic sports like basketball, volleyball, and varsity. They should add more social clubs, like spanish, french, environmental, just ACTUALLY clubs.
It is all right, but too strict. Should let the students live a little.
Students tend to get along with each other and create a light environment.
They have really strange rules, yet most are understandable except for the one that requires all students to speak spanish indide and outside of the school, regardless of the time and situation.
there are hardly any clubs or organizations. The ones that have started recently have not lasted very long.
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Teachers at the school are great leaders and they care about what the student is learning. They are usually available for tutoring. This makes it easier for students to comprehend what they are studying and learn easier. The most challenging classes at school are the science courses and some of the english courses, the rest are manageable and could be filed for complains.
I like the school. Yet some teachers sometimes seem to lack a little knowledge and focus too much on the religious aspect of things rather than on the academics. Over all the school is great.
Safety at school is good and not to be complained about.
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